“Fairy Rings,” by A Safe Space for Curious Minds

Would you dance with the fairies? I know, I would! ❤

“Fairy rings are a naturally occurring ring of mushrooms normally found in forested areas and grasslands. Even though the fairy rings form due to natural causes, they are surrounded by folklore…”

Click the link below to learn more:

Source: Fairy Rings


  1. I would love to dance with fairies again, Colleen.
    BTW, just added a new page to my blog, sorta. I call it “Queen Lear’s Silly Sentiments”, and it will be for my silly side, with the first offering being a silly poem. Venturing out a little bit, but it’s time. Hugs. ((())) ❤

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          1. It would be easier if I could remain on my feet, chair or something more comfortable than the floor! However, this also shall be turned into a silly story, poem, or even a song!
            Thanks for your encouragement, Colleen. Now to get my silly thinking cap on!

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    1. This was a great on piece on the fairy myths and how they evolved through the centuries. ❤


    1. I’ve seen a swamp fairy and a meadow fairy. I believe. They are much more benevolent and nature based than the myths depict them as. I find them comforting. Although, they are here to remind us that we need to protect our earth. ❤

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