Talking about the Faeries

There’s fairy magic afoot! Check it out! ❤


I was recently invited on to Charles Christian‘s Weird Tales Radio Show to discuss some aspects of the faeries. The links are below, and the interview begins at 05.14. What did we talk about?

  • Morgan le Fay and Arthuriana
  • The origins of the faeries
  • Altered states of consciousness and the faeries
  • Are they supposed to have wings?
  • Elves vs Faeries
  • Faerie or Fairy?
  • Brian Froud, Alan Lee and The Lord of the Rings film (where I forgot the name of the director Peter Jackson!)
  • The Fairy Investigation Society and modern faerie encounters
  • Syd Barrett

Download at Paranormal UK Radio Network

Stream at Weird Tales Radio Show, episode #15

Stream at Weird Tales Radio Show You Tube channel

Thanks to Charles for inviting me on to the show.

Faery Princess by Brian Froud-2 From Brian Froud and Alan Lee’s “Faeries”

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9 thoughts on “Talking about the Faeries

      1. I’ve always loved that, the traditional ideas of fairies as protectors or wish granters. It’s mainstream as hell, but I can’t help it…. I LOVE tinkerbell. My five year old watches the movies a lot, and I can’t help but laugh at the fact that a 26 year old man like me gets into them as much as she does lol. But that’s the beauty of myth I suppose…even when it gets commercialized by Disney XD

        Liked by 2 people

        1. LOL! That’s great. I love hearing that as a Dad you can relate. Never lose that connection. My nymphs are closer to Avatar, and a movie my kids loved when they were young – but I can’t think of the name of it. Good grief! 😀 If you write fantasy, you should write something for my Fairies, Myths, & Magic Author Spotlight. Here’s the link: I’m always looking for self-published authors I can introduce to my readers. ❤


          1. You can write a story or tell us about your characters, or how magic figures into your story. Click on the Author Spotlight Guest Posts tab on my menu for ideas. My email is on the link I gave you with everything you need to know. Free advertising. 😀


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