A few weeks ago I asked you all to tell me why you write poetry. Today, I had to share this young woman’s inspiring journey. I hope it will resonate with you also. ❤

““[There’s] much more to a person’s life than what we assume about them and I think that’s really the core of why I write,” she said. “Who are we really as humans and how do we really relate to each other? What are we assuming? What surprises us?” Read Sotelo’s “My Mother as the Voice of Kahlo” in the post link below.”

Poet Analicia Sotelo penned her latest collection to upend tropes of the helpless damsel, inspired by an Italian painter’s dream-like depiction of womanly strength in the throes of vulnerability.

Source: This poet wants you to rethink what it means to be vulnerable

20 thoughts on “This poet wants you to rethink what it means to be vulnerable

      1. She was a Mexican painter married to Diego Rivera. She had a very difficult life bedridden for most of it because of an illness in childhood and then a bus accident. Her work reflected on her broken body very interesting.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this link…when I read the well-written review and the poet’s own words I suddenly realized that I, too, grew up without a father (he served with the military and was often away) and will now be able to look back at my life through yet another lens!

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    1. It’s all about peeling back or away the different layers isn’t it? I was impressed with her poetry. ❤

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