#Fairies, #Myths, & #Magic 2018 AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT GUEST POSTS: Meet Elliot, from “The Fire Born” by Trent P. McDonald

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Welcome to my author spotlight guest posts where I introduce you to independent authors from various genres from around the globe. You never know. You might meet your new favorite author!


Today, my guest is Trent P. McDonald. I met Trent through his participation in my weekly poetry challenge. He is an avid poet and quite the artist. I always enjoy his humor, and he takes some great photos!


Author, Poet, Artist, Trent P. McDonald

Meet Trent McDonald

I never decided what I wanted to do when I grew up.  I compose and play music, draw and paint, take a lot of pictures, and yes, I write.  I’ve written a couple of books that are sitting on my shelf waiting to go out. I write a new short story almost every week, which I often post on my blog at trentsworldblog.wordpress.com.

I also like to eat, so I work as a computer nerd during the day while I figure out what it is I really want to do.

If you really need details, I was born and raised in Ohio by the shore of beautiful Lake Erie and now split my time between mountainous New Hampshire and the coast of Massachusetts.

One thing to know about me is that I hate to write bio-blurbs in the third person.


Thanks, Colleen, for having me over!  However, I have decided that I am going to let Elliot, the protagonist of my book The Fireborn, write my guest post.  Even though he is a fictional character, he is an author in his own right.  Elliot, if you will just please…


(Elliot, from the novel Fireborn as depicted by the author)

Fictional character indeed.  Next, you’ll be saying that I believe in Fairies.

Uhm, Elliot?  Colleen is the Fairy Whisperer, you know. Belief in fairies is, well, we all do around here.  Besides, you believe in some pretty fantastical things yourself.  Just saying.

Right, then, I’ll give you that some, a-hum, my brother, cough, cough, uhm, that some people don’t always respect my ideas.  But just because I can think outside of the box and have not confined my brain to a straitjacket, like my detractors, doesn’t mean….

You are the king of alternative history, are you not?  A bit of old myth, some half-forgotten legend, a dash of magic and mysticism, a few lines by an undistinguished source who quotes an unknown sixth-century poet, who, you know…

I say, you are as bad as my brother, William. But I stand by my sources!  Or at I least sit by them in a pub as I enjoy a nice pint of ale.   But I have never had an irrational thought…

Let’s see, you rewrote the Arthurian Legends to meet your latest whim, you ran around Somerset looking for a forever young ancient lady to pop out of a lake to hand over a magic sword.  You called an archeological artifact that your brother discovered an object from a myth, the Pair Dadeni, to be exact, or, in English, the Cauldron of Rebirth.  You go on about the magical undead that can’t be killed.  And then you…

OK, Ok, I get the point.  You are right, I did meet a few that doubted that I could actually find Caledfwlch, or Excalibur if you must, on some back road.  Hmm.  You know, now that I think about it, I do have some great sources about fairies.  Let me see, I think I once found an ancient script that had the first-hand witness to the Tuath Dé Danann, ah, yes, and then a few years back I started a book about the aos sí, but William made me stop, and hmm, that’s right.  Let me think, back in the early 19th century…


…there were a few authors who…

Hey, Eliot.  I’m sorry, but we are out of time.

…wrote about…  What?  You don’t want to know about the…?


Or the…?

Oh my gosh, no, not that!

How about…?

Not that either. Sigh. I guess the readers can just use their imaginations then.  Remember, you fictional readers, that I am a very brilliant historian, so when you imagine what I wanted to say, please…

Elliot!  That’s enough.

Hmm.  Creators.  Can’t live with them, and, being a bit of a philosopher, I must say, it would be quite impossible to live without them.

Thank you, Elliot.

In the shadowy area where myth and history collide…

In the shadowy area where myth and history collide, an unlikely hero is forced to save the world from an ancient Celtic curse. Dr. Elliot Everett-Jones knows that shadowy area well, having spent most of his life exploring its dimensions as given by a host of unreliable sources and imaginative speculation. Some would say he daydreams over the improbable plots of second-rate Romantic-era authors. These fantasies, however, come to life after the discovery of the Cauldron of Resurrection.


When the Cauldron produces the evil fireborn, Elliot is forced to confront an army of the mythic undead with nothing but his obscure knowledge, and the hope of finding the legendary Lady of the Lake to give him Arthur’s sword. Even more frightening is the idea that he might have to confront his ex-wife, Eleanor.


The Fireborn is part joyful romp through history, myth, and legend, and part fast-paced adventure set in modern England and New York. The entire book, though, revolves around Elliot’s relationships with a large variety of characters. These relationships form the key that may unlock the mystery or lead to utter defeat.


Follow Trent P. McDonald at:

Blog: trentsworldblog.wordpress.com

Facebook: Trent McDonald author page

Twitter: @trentpmcd

Amazon Author Page



Witchey ReadsThanks for stopping by to hear about The Fire Born and to meet Trent McDonald. His book sounds like its right up my alley. You know, fantasy and all that…

By the way, would you be interested in appearing in my Author Spotlight – Guest Posts? I’m looking for posts dedicated to the themes of fairies, myths, and magic where published authors can show off their writing skills by stretching their wings and stepping out of their genre comfort zones if need be.

I want self-published authors to share their books and to tell us about the magic it took to create them.  If you are an enthusiastic published author and would like to be featured on my blog, please click HERE to find out more.” ~Colleen~

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