“The Fairy Witches,” A #Tanka

The prompt words for my Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge are charm and time, from which to find your synonyms. For charm, I’m using sorcery, and for time, I’m using spells.


The Fairy Witches


Ancient sorcery –
spells shared to nourish others,
a benevolence
toward well being, not gain
my love shared, rewards received.

© 2018 Colleen M. Chesebro

Magic and witchcraft are blended into the Fairy-Faith of the ancients. It was believed that humans, magicians, and sorceresses received powers from the fairies. Primeval witches were mostly healers who cared for the people of their clans or tribes. They were herbalists and midwives who tended the sick and infirm. Most early witches claimed their powers of healing came from the fae folk who bestowed their knowledge of magic to the humans through witches. This knowledge caused witches to remove themselves from society. The cost was high.

Lairbehan.blogspot.com shares:

“The magic of the Good Neighbors that was taught to these witches – what I, in modern practice call Fairy Witchcraft – was about empowering the powerless and giving the witch a way to meet their own needs and to ensure their own safety. It was knowledge and magic that removed the person, to some degree, from human society and this removal made them dangerous because it realigned their allegiance in unpredictable ways. This is magic that is meant to effect real change for the benefit of the witch, not necessarily for some nebulous greater good.”

The first fairy witch I ever read about was Morgan le Fay, from the King Arthur legends. The fables share that Morgan Le Fay resided on the Isle of Avalon. She was considered to be magical and one of the fairy people, but also a witch. It is said that Morgan Le Fay took King Arthur to the magical Isle of Avalon as his last resting place after he succumbed to Mordred’s sword at the Battle of Camlann.

Fairies and witches have a long history together. As a paranormal fantasy author, it is a pleasure to explore those possibilities through my poetry and writing. ❤

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Ben’s world 28/03/2018

I love Ben the dog’s poetry and was thrilled to find that his favorite thing to do last week was to write a poem for my Tanka Tuesday Challenge. That, Ben. He’s a darling. ❤

Mucky Boots and Flawless Paws


how lovely of you to visit me, thank you. This is a snap shot of my world in response to the questions posed in Cee’s weekly ‘Share Your World

You can read all about my v. v. v big adventure by visiting my home page and also, my Munro blogs. All my poems are here  dog-poets page

What is your favorite color of hair? You can name your hair color or a color that you just like.

I’m a tri coloured Border Collie, mostly dark brown, which is a bit difficult to work with. However, I’ve got a streak of white running down my nose and I wondered about a bit of purple and orange, for a punk dog effect. What do you think, would it suit me?

My person is getting more and more grey but I’m not sure I’m allowed to tell you that. I hope I don’t go…

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Colleen’s 2018 #Book #Reviews – “On the Edge of a Raindrop,” by Sarah Brentyn

book reviews


When You’re on the Edge, It’s Easy to Fall.These are stories of lives on the edge. A girl tortured by the world within her. A boy powerless to escape his home. A mother doomed to live with her greatest mistake. A man lost in a maze of grief.Each raindrop provides a microscopic mirror of ourselves and those around us. But we can’t always trust what we see. The distorted images disorient the mind, altering our view of reality.This second collection of flash and micro fiction explores the depths of the human condition and the fragile surface of our perceptions.Dive into these tales of darkness and discover what life is like On the Edge of a Raindrop Author’s Note: Each selection is approximately 100 words, with a bonus section of Microbursts in which each story is told in 50 words or less.


I enjoy reading short story collections and was intrigued by this anthology. This was my first introduction to flash fiction and I wasn’t sure what to expect. Not only did I find the cover intriguing, but the book’s title reached out and grabbed me. And yet, it was the introduction to the book that really drew me in:

“There is a world inside a drop of water. Molecules desperately clinging to one another to keep the surface tension strong. To keep from being broken. That bond is at once sturdy and fragile. It keeps the drop together but, with one seemingly small act, can burst. These are the lives depicted in this book. On the Edge of a Raindrop explores the darker elements of human nature.” Author, Sarah Brentyn

Brentyn sections this flash fiction collection into three categories: Mindscapes, Lifelines, and Microbursts featuring stories to evoke emotional responses from the reader. The first two sections feature stories around 100 words each. The last section was filled with 50-word snapshots of micro-fiction, much like mind-photos, whose mental images literally flashed in my brain.

I read these stories slowly savoring the words and connecting to her prose much in the same way I do with poetry. These story impressions led me into the dark recesses of the author’s mind, ever mindful of the lives of her characters and how they hung at the edge of the raindrop.

Some of the stories were dark and haunting, and I couldn’t believe how many emotions were stirred up in me after reading so few words. I found many of the microbursts to be humorous leaving me wanting more.

This was a quick read but one that left me wanting to know more about writing flash fiction, which then led me to create some of my own pieces. What an added bonus! Thanks for the inspiration, Sarah Brentyn.


Character Believability: 5
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 5
Reader Enjoyment: 5
Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 Fairies

5 fairies

Colleen's Book ReviewsRating System

*I follow the Amazon Rating System*



Author, Sarah Brentyn

About the Author:

Sarah Brentyn is an introvert who believes anything can be made better with soy sauce and wasabi.

She loves words and has been writing stories since she was nine years old. She talks to trees and apologizes to inanimate objects when she bumps into them.

When she’s not writing, you can find her strolling through cemeteries or searching for fairies.

She hopes to build a vacation home in Narnia someday. In the meantime, she lives with her family and a rainbow-colored, wooden cat who is secretly a Guardian.

You can find her online at http://www.sarahbrentyn.com


Blog – sarahbrentyn.com & Lemon Shark Reef @sarahbrentynflash.wordpress.com

& Lemon Shark @sarahbrentyn.wordpress.com

Amazon Author Page

Twitter @SarahBrentyn


Do it Read some flash fiction today! Thanks for stopping by to hear about “On the Edge of a Raindrop.” I loved this book.

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Colleen’s 2018 #Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 77: CHARM & TIME, #SnyonymsOnly

Welcome to Tanka Tuesday


Hi! I’m glad to see you here. Are you ready to write some poetry?

HERE’S THE CATCH: You can’t use the prompt words! SYNONYMS ONLY!

I hope you will support the other poets with visits to blogs and by leaving comments. Sharing each other’s work on social media is always nice too.

We’re trying something new this week. Please come back to this post and vote for your favorite poem. This is a trial run so if it works, we will use this to pick our poet of the week from now on. Voting should close by next Sunday.

Please don’t vote for your own poetry. I have it set so you can only vote once. (I hope) 😀 ❤


Opportunities for Poets

Wergle Flomp Humorous Poetry Contest NO FEE. The First prize is $1,000 and there’s a second prize of $250. Also, 10 Honorable Mentions will receive $100 each. The top 12 entries get published online. Judge: Jendi Reiter, assisted by Lauren Singer. Length limit: 250 lines. And there are no restrictions on age or country. DEADLINE APRIL 1st

Dime Show Review publishes fiction, flash fiction, ten-word stories, poetry, and essays, both online and in print. They are looking for literature that suspends doubt, writing that appears of its own accord and tells secrets we never suspected but always knew.

Dime Show Review is published three times a year in print, and online on a rolling basis. They accept submissions from February 1 through November 1 each year, and they respond to most submissions within two to twelve weeks. Authors who don’t receive a response within three months are welcome to query.

Authors of fiction may submit one complete story, 3,000 words or fewer. Authors of flash fiction may submit one story, 1,000 words or fewer. Dime Show Review also publishes ten-word stories. Authors may submit up to two of these, and they should be complete stories, exactly ten words each. Poets may submit up to two poems in any form, no longer than two pages each. Authors of nonfiction may submit one essay, 3,000 words or fewer. Submitting authors can read selections from Dime Show Review online to get a sense of their style.


Launched in 2005, Mookychick—an online publisher of fiction, poetry, nonfiction, and reviews—has evolved into a community forum for just about everything. Eclectic and inclusive, they aim to connect like minds of all varieties. From fashion to faith and everything beyond, upside-down, and in-between—Mookychick wants to know about it. The best way to get a sense of what they like is to read the magazine online.

Mookychick is published frequently, and since 2005 they’ve showcased over 600 regular contributors. Although they don’t pay authors, they promote poets and writers by publishing author profiles and sharing their work with a broad readership.

Authors of fiction may submit short stories up to 2,000 words in length. Mookychick also likes to publish flash fiction up to 500 words, and 50-word stories that are exactly 50 words (not including the title). Poets are also welcome to submit.

Mookychick publishes a wide variety of nonfiction. They like articles on personal matters of all types, articles on self-care, opinion pieces, and interviews. They also publish reviews of books, comics, games, music, and events. They usually prefer pieces that are at least 350 words in length, but they also publish photo essays with fewer words. They don’t impose a maximum word count because they want authors to write until they’re finished.

All submissions should include a third-person bio, and authors can choose to include a personal link and photo if they want. Mookychick likes to build each author an individual profile page.

They accept submissions from all types of people and aim to promote marginalized voices as often as they can. They prefer pieces on marginalized perspectives to be written by people who embody those perspectives.

Mookychick accepts submissions via email, not online or by post. They don’t accept previously published work, even if it only appeared on a personal blog or social media.

If you would like to learn more or submit to Mookychick, please visit their website at mookychick.co.uk.


Please note: We are all students of poetry. I have given you the instructions on how to write the different forms. Try your best to be as exact as you can. There are no tests, and I don’t grade your work. LOL!

The most meaningful change you will learn about is in writing a Haiku vs. a Senryu. Also, remember, pronunciation in various parts of the world will affect your syllable count. Go with your gut on deciding the syllable count. You are the poet and the creator of your work.

The main reason why I sponsor this challenge is to help budding poets learn how to write various forms of poetry. Remember, if you are sending your poetry for publication in literary journals, contests, or self-publishing, you should know the correct forms and use them.

hip hip hurray

For Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge, you can write your poem in one of the forms defined below. Click on the links to learn about each form:

HAIKU IN ENGLISH 5/7/5 syllable structure. A Haiku is written about seasonal changes, nature, and change in general.

TANKA IN ENGLISH 5/7/5/7/7 syllable structure. Your Tanka will consist of five lines written in the first-person point of view. This is important because the poem should be written from the perspective of the poet.

HAIBUN IN ENGLISH Every Haibun must begin with a title. Haibun prose is composed of short, descriptive paragraphs, written in the first-person singular.

The text unfolds in the present moment, as though the experience is occurring now rather than yesterday or some time ago. In keeping with the simplicity of the accompanying haiku or tanka poem, all unnecessary words should be pared down or removed. Nothing must ever be overstated.

The poetry never tries to repeat, quote, or explain the prose. Instead, the poetry reflects some aspect of the prose by introducing a different step in the narrative through a microburst of detail. Thus, the poetry is a sort of juxtaposition – different yet somehow connected.

Cinquain ALSO: Check out the Cinquain variations listed here: Cinquain-Wikipedia These are acceptable methods to use. Please list the form you use so we can learn from you. 

Senryu in English 5/7/5 syllable structure. A Senryu is written about love, a personal event, and have IRONY present. Click the link to learn the meaning of irony.

haiku vs senryu

Image credit: Pinterest.com

(Currently, free-verse prose poems are NOT part of this challenge)

Here are some great sites that will help you write your poetry and count syllables


For Synonyms and Antonyms. When your word has too many syllables, find one that works.


Find out how many syllables each word has. I use this site for all my Haiku and Tanka poems. Click on the “Workshop” tab to create your Haiku or Tanka.

I don't get it


I will publish the Tuesday prompt post at 12: 03 A.M. Mountain Standard Time (Denver Time).  That should give everyone time to see the prompt from around the world. The RECAP is published on Monday and will contain links to the participants.


How Long Do You Have and Your Deadline: You have a week to complete the Challenge with a deadline of SUNDAY at 12:00 P.M. (Noon) Denver time, U. S. A

This will give me a chance to add the links from everyone’s poem post from the previous week, on the Recap I publish on Monday. I urge everyone to visit the blogs and comment on everyone’s poem.

The rules are simple.

I will give you two words. Choose synonyms from those words for your poetry. You, the poet, now have more control over the direction of your writing. Follow the rules carefully. Don’t use the prompt words.

LINK YOUR BLOG POST TO MINE WITH A PINGBACK. To do a Pingback: Copy the URL (the HTTPS:// address of my post) for the current week’s Challenge and paste it into your post. You may also place a copy of your URL of your post in the comments of the current week’s Challenge post.

Because of the time difference between where you are, and I am, you might not think your link is there. I manually approve all links. People taking part in the challenge may visit you and comment or “like” your post. I also need at least a Pingback or a link in the comments section to know you took part and to include you in the Weekly Recap published each Monday.

BE CREATIVE. Use your photos and create “Visual POETRY” if you wish, although it is not necessary. Use whatever program you want to make your images.

I got this

As time allows, I will visit your blog, comment, and TWEET your POETRY

If you add these hashtags to your post TITLE (depending on which poetry form you use) your poetry may be viewed more often:

#Haiku, #Tanka, #micropoetry, #poetry, #5lines, #Haibun, #Prose #Senryu, #CinquainPoetry


You may copy the badge I have created to go with the Weekly Poetry Challenge Post and place it in your post. It’s not mandatory:

Life is likea cup of tea

Here are the TWO prompt words for this week’s challenge: CHARM & TIME

Have fun and write some poetry!

challenge accepted


“The Dream Rock” – Carrot Ranch Flash Fiction

smile at carrot ranch

March 22, 2018, Carrot Ranch Literary Community prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story using the theme “follow your dreams.” Bonus points for throwing a badge into the tale. Go where the prompt leads.

  • Respond by March 27, 2018, by leaving a link, pingback or story in the comments.
  • If you want your story published in the weekly collection, also post it at Carrot Ranch on Facebook in the post newsfeed (this is the second posting of your story).
  • Follow the style of the flash fiction that follows.
  • Leave a short link on FB with your story if you want one included in the title.
  • Rules are here.


follow your dreams

Abby followed her dream to the edge of a field filled with thorny weeds that twisted like ivy. Dead animals lay scattered, their bloated carcasses rotting beneath the blistering sun. An apocalyptic scent of death hung in the air. A boulder filled with glittery quartz striations moved closer.


“This is our world without the bees,” said the rock. “The effects of climate change ravage the earth, disrupting the growth patterns. Animals die because their forage can’t mature without pollination.”

Abby swallowed the hard knot of truth. “What can I do?”

“You must save the bees.”


Image Credit: “Mural Artivist Paints London In Bees To Save Them – 16 Photos”

This has been a sneak peek into “The Meadow Fairy,” book II in my YA paranormal fantasy series, The Heart Stone Chronicles. 16-year-old Abby Forester accepts her legacy to her mother and the fairy nymphs by attempting to find a cure to stop the bees from dying. Can she do it? Stay tuned…


My dream boulder inspiration

Like Charli Mills, I LOVE rocks and yes, they do talk to my characters. I was so excited to figure out a talking dream rock sequence which was the perfect opportunity to earn my first Carrot Ranch Rocks badge.


GiddyUPand write some flash fiction at CarrotRanch.com

#Tanka Tuesday #Poetry Challenge No. 76 Recap, “Joy & Fury”


Welcome to the Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Recap. Last week’s words “joy and fury,” are opposites. Michael Lydon shares:

“Bringing words of opposite meaning close together is one of writing’s most ancient devices, called oxymoron when the opposites abutas they do in “oxymoron”: its Greek roots, oxys/moros, mean “sharp/dull”; and antithesiswhen close in balanced phrases like Catullus’s “Odi et amo—I hate and I love.” Opposites occur in the literature of every age, and any sophomore (wise fool) should be able to spot their linked unlikes in the any text’s black and white.”

Read more poetic techniques here: Wind Five-Folded School of Tanka, by Jane Reichhold.


Serendipity –
leaving the madness behind,
bliss starts with deep thoughts.

© 2018 Colleen M. Chesebro

*For my Senryu (It’s a Senryu because meditation is a personal event), I used bliss, for joy, and madness for fury. ❤

The Tuesday challenge post will contain the rules and links to learn how to write the different forms. Please read the post to learn how to write the poetry forms for this challenge. Please LINK your poetry to that post – NOT this one. ❤


This week’s POET of the WEEK is J.C. Wolfe from her blog, The Wolfe’s (Writing) Den.

I enjoyed her Haibun/Tanka, called: “Emotions on a Blank Page,” because J.C. wrote about writer’s block – something we all have experienced from time to time. Poetic writer’s block is difficult and I am sure that I have caused all of you to scream in frustration at my choice of words at least once.

The best cure for writer’s block is to write as J.C.’s Haibun shares with us.

How about you? How do you overcome writer’s block?

(If you would like to display the Poet of the Week Badge on your blog, please do! <3)

About_JCW (1)

Poet, J.C. Wolfe

“Emotions on a Blank Page”

The blank page stares at me, teasing me, mocking me, daring me to write something, anything. I frown back at the white screen, my mind still empty as ever. I reach into the void for any words that will break the block. Why won’t they come? I stare harder, seething at the space I wish would fill itself. Oh, how much I could write just about the frustration of having nothing to say… I stop. I smile. Yes, yes. Fingers to keys, I begin to type. The words come easily now. From rage comes enlightenment, from enlightenment, comes triumph. Before I know it, I’m grinning at a finished poem. At last, I’ve conquered the blank page.

Anger fuels the fire
Until all falls into place
And my smile returns
Happiness comes in flashes
But such is a writer’s life!

© 2018 J.C. Wolfe


A special SHOUT OUT to a blogger who doesn’t participate but shares our challenge almost every week on his blog:

Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge: JOY & FURY – The Militant Negro™


Real Life – Reena Saxena

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#Poetrychallenge – Joy and Fury – Robbie’s inspiration

Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge No. 76 – PrairieChat

Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Tuesday Poetry Challenge Joy & Fury | Annette Rochelle Aben

Billy Ray Chitwood: (We had trouble with links)

Rapture and Outrage (Joy and Fury)

What Rapture can there be

When the veins carry outrage?

Naught can this mind so infer!

(©BR Chitwood – 3/25/18)

Agony & the Ecstasy/Rereading Jane Eyre 

Do it Keep Writing POETRY! See you tomorrow for the new weekly challenge post No. 77 ❤

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Celtic Tree Of Life – Portal To Invisible Worlds And Source Of Sacred Knowledge | Ancient Pages

Some of the stories we consider to be myths are actually steeped in ancient beliefs. The tree of life appears in most major religions and its symbolism is recognized around the world. “The Celtic Tree of Life served as a portal to invisible worlds and became a source of sacred knowledge, guarded by the most enlightened ones.” Read more by clicking the link below.

Ellen Lloyd – AncientPages.com shares: To ancient Celt’s nature and animals were sacred and must be treated with respect. The spiritual world was invisible. There were gateways leading from the material into the spiritual world. The physical world was believed to be much more complex than we can even imagine. The Celtic Tree of Life […]

Source: Celtic Tree Of Life – Portal To Invisible Worlds And Source Of Sacred Knowledge | Ancient Pages

Weather Got You Down? Your Greek Holiday Starts TODAY!


ARE YOU BURIED BY SNOW DRIFTS? I’ve got a remedy for that!


Meet my friend, and author, Effrosyni Moschoudi. She has a special promotion running on a selection of her books from March 21-25, 2018!


Effrosyni Moschoudi was born and raised in Athens, Greece. As a child, she loved to sit alone in her garden scribbling rhymes about flowers, butterflies, and ants. Today, she writes novels for people who love all things Greek.

Her debut novel, The Necklace of Goddess Athena, has won a silver medal in the 2017 book awards of Readers’ Favorite. Her historical romance, The Ebb, is an ABNA Q-Finalist. Effrosyni’s novels are Amazon bestsellers, having hit #1 several times.

Effrosyni lives in a quaint seaside town near Athens with her husband Andy, but her mind forever drifts to her beloved Greek island of Corfu.

Effrosyni’s debut novel, The Necklace of Goddess Athena is an inspiring fantasy of Greek myths mixed in with sweet romance and a touch of family drama. In 2014, it made the shortlist for the “50 Best Self-Published Books Worth Reading” from Indie Author Land. Readers’ Favorite declared it ‘A Stunning Masterpiece’ and gave it a silver medal in its 2017 International book awards.

Effrosyni’s romantic comedy, The Amulet, is a delightful beach read set on the Greek island of Sifnos. Full of tantalizing descriptions of Greek food, it’s impossible to read it and not feel ravenous! This book made it to Amazon’s #1 within a week of its launch. Give it a try today and find out what the buzz is all about!


To write her award-winning novel, The Ebb, Effrosyni was inspired by her love for Corfu where she spent several summers with her grandparents in the 1980s. Although The Ebb is the first book in a trilogy, it can also be enjoyed as a standalone read. Full of innocence and nostalgia, this book will transport you to a Greek paradise with its vivid descriptions from the first pages!


Are you fond of the Greek island of Corfu or planning a holiday there? Make sure to read the guide to Moraitika and Messonghi on her website. These are the real Corfiot villages described in the trilogy as Vassilaki and Messi. Also, this post brims over with old photos and memories from 1980s Corfu.

Other than Corfu, The Ebb is also set in Brighton, England. Effrosyni has always been fascinated by the legendary West Pier in Brighton. How much do you know about it and its haunting past? Check out this post for a host of photos from The Brighton seafront – both old and new.


Make sure to check out THIS PAGE, where you will find 2 FREE books by Effrosyni for your reading pleasure, including her brand new short story collection, Facets of Love. It’s available only on her website!

Facets of Love is FREE!

GO HERE to get a copy!

WAIT there’s more! Check out these great deals!

Escape to sunny Greece today! http://bit.ly/1MpLgjL

promo-m 2

IMG_59CBDE2E6D77-1You’re going to love these books! ❤

Colleen’s 2018 Book Reviews: “Quill & Ink – Inspirational, Motivational and Creative Writings,” by Deborah A. Bowman

book reviews

Title: Quill & Ink – Inspirational, Motivational and Creative Writings

Amazon Author Page: Deborah A. Bowman

Publication Date: November 22, 2015

Formats: Paperback & Kindle

Genres: Religion & Spirituality, Spiritual Growth, Ancient Classical & Medieval



Are you a creative person who loves the paranormal; The Spiritual Universe; ancient myths and legends; fantasy; and the healing, playful energy of pets/animals? You are not alone!

Do you know someone that you would love to share a gift with that needs inspiration, motivation, personal growth, and meditation in their personal life or career? Quill and Ink is just the book for you or your creative friend or family member.

Written in poetry, essays, short stories, this book opens with a song by the author and ends with a Creative Visualization for relaxation through the power of your mind. Even the cover is an original oil painting by the author. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!


I received this book as a gift and enjoyed it so much I had to share it. The author begins with an introduction comparing the book to the mystery of the standing stones of Stonehenge whose secrets have never been revealed.

Yet, I found the exact opposite. This author reveals some of her deepest feelings and thoughts, written in songs, verse, stories, and visualizations. The following stanza touched me – obviously, it was something I needed to hear.

“The quill and the ink, The rose and the thorn, teaches us patience and reticence.”

The second section of the book is dedicated to the reader who is also a writer. The author, who is also an editor, shares editing tips, proofreading advice, and examples of how a piece should be written.

The prose contained in this small book is cleverly written for the writer who will understand the courage it takes to write a book and bring it to fruition.

An excerpt from her novel, Annie’s Story: Blessed With a Gift, is also included with a Foreward section dedicated to her paranormal experience with age regression to help her cope with extreme claustrophobia. Annie’s Story is the result of that experience. I’ve read that book and you can read the review here.

Quill & Ink is the perfect gift for the writer in your life. I loved the opportunity of getting to know more about this author. I think you will, too. ❤


Character Believability: 5
Flow and Pace: 5
Reader Engagement: 5
Reader Enrichment: 5
Reader Enjoyment: 5
Overall Rate: 5 out of 5 Fairies

5 fairies

*I follow the Amazon Rating System*

Colleen's Book ReviewsRating System


Author, Poet & Editor: Deborah A. Bowman

About the Author:

Deborah Bowman has been sharing her stories and poems her whole life–her first poem published in a 4-H magazine at just 12 years old. She loves just about all genres of fiction and collects classical literature. Deborah’s recent selections are close to her heart. She has a passion and a crusade for the headline-driven factual and historical material which she weaves into novels and novellas.

New Release: Annie’s Story, Blessed With A Gift B01N9NRYMU
Historical Fiction based on fact via a past-life hypnotic regression. Annie was born dwarfed with a slow mind in 1630 Colonial America in a secreted Scottish village of the Massachusetts Bay Colony near Puritanical Salem. She is also whimsical, loving, and blessed with the gift of healing from the Spiritual Universe. In a time of suspicion and fear of demonology and witchcraft, many children with birth defects and their mothers were banished or put to death. This is a coming of age story which reveals parallels to our modern society in the abuse, ridicule, bullying, and labeling of individuals with special needs. History does repeat itself!

B00TVULOQY, DELILAH, ASTRAL INVESTIGATOR, INFINITY SERIES: EPISODE ONE, THE BOY AND THE SHOPKEEPER. A very modern teenager, Delilah (“Dee”) and a Colonial American from 1774, Bartholomew (“Bartie”) team up with Dee’s rambunctious and intuitive cat, Molly, to go back in time or journey to the future to save lost souls on the astral plane. Their mission is to save the world! Age appropriate for “tweens”, teens, YA, and adults as well, especially if you love the paranormal and believe in alternate planes of reality.

LIVING IN A SHADOW, B00AP68CUO, a full-length novel intended for mature readers deals with abuse and date-rape drugs. She presents the real-life facts that anyone can be a victim of these brutal attacks. “What do you do and how do you cope when you can’t remember what has been done to you? The side effects of these drugs can damage your physical and mental health or even cause death!”

The Denny Ryder Paranormal Crime Series (STROKE OF FEAR! B00CFWYAX4/STROKE OF MIDNIGHT! B00F8Z2KAK/STROKE OF SILENCE! B00JH78VOE) are quick-read novellas for the busy adult and age-appropriate for tweens/teens/YA. There is an epidemic in this country of missing children. “It’s important for children to know that danger lurks everywhere. If they can recognize a predator’s persuasion, they at least have a chance to run away, hide, or cry for help. Unfortunately, not all abductions can be prevented, but for every child that is saved, one less family is spared the heartbreak that can never be comforted.”

Deborah has a 20+-year history as well as formal education in writing, editing, proofreading, and publishing. She believes strongly in helping first-time and seasoned writers alike create quality books and eBooks at clasidconsultantspublishing.com. She does free reviews and critiques. “Books are timeless; readers are forever.”

Deborah has various upcoming projects but is always happy to hear from you and connect on social media.


How to Connect with the Author:

blog: http://www.bowmanauthor.com

website: http://www.clasidconsultantspublishing.com

Twitter: @bowmanauthor

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LinkedIn: Deborah Bowman Stevens

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email: livinginashadow@outlook.com

current moodThanks for stopping by to meet Deborah and to hear about her book, Quill & Ink. That visualization in this book is wonderful! ❤


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A Mother Always Knows – Flash Fiction

smile at carrot ranch

March 16, 2018, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story about carrot cake. It can be classic or unusual. Why is there cake? How does it feature in the story? Go where the prompt leads.

Respond by March 20, 2018, to be included in the compilation (published March 21). Rules are here. All writers are welcome!


The train clickety-clacked across the rails while rolling hills flashed outside the windows with the speed of an old movie reel. I swayed my way into a mindful moment, breathing in peace.

A loud sniff interrupted my reverie. Across from me, the woman’s red eyes blared out her secrets. Tears streamed down her face and sobs wracked her body. Our eyes met, and she shook her head, silence her shield.

Mothers recognize pain. When the throbbing ache subsides, hunger sets in. I opened the box and drew out the carrot cake, a gift for a friend. Sweets always heal.


sweet dreamsSweet dreams on this first day of Spring. ❤