Welcome to Our NEW Group Blog – The Sisters of the Fey

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The Sisters of the Fey is a blogging collaboration between authors D. G. Kaye, Wendy Anne Darling, Marjorie Mallon, Belinda Miller, Annette Rochelle Aben, Colleen Chesebro, Adele Marie Park, and Tina Frisco.

We are The Sisters of the Fey

Our intentions are pure with the desire to share all things magical which are filled with only goodness and light. Our magic is inspired by a secret order of fairies that existed hundreds of years ago which has been reborn in our spirits.

Come, join us on our journey of discovery.

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Debby, Wendy, Marjorie, Belinda, Annette, Colleen, Adele, and Tina.


Image credit: Wild Woman Sisterhood on Facebook

P.S. I’ve set up a Twitter account for the Sister of the Fey. I’ve had problems separating my tweets from @sistersofthefey and @colleenchesebro. It looks like many of my poetry challenge tweets went to the Sisters of the Fey account. Sorry, but I hope you will follow both accounts. Hugs. ❤

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39 thoughts on “Welcome to Our NEW Group Blog – The Sisters of the Fey

        1. Oh, yes, I know. There are so many people to connect with. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed. I’m writing and working on book two. For being retired I don’t know where the time goes. I guess I’m having lots of fun. Never feel bad about not always connecting. We will when we can. Hugs, Betty. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Judy. We all share a love for the mystical. I hope to write a story about the Sisters soon. Eventually, there will be a book. In the meantime, we’re having fun, sharing all sorts of things that when we were younger we never explored. ❤


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