Why Do You Write Poetry?


Image credit: writingforward.com

Why do you write poetry? Is it an act of self-expression? Do you write it to connect with your readers or just for something to fill up your blog?

Do you feel like there is something deeply personal when a writer is able to knit some words together with metaphors, similes, and a few rhythmic syllables? Does it thrill you to get the syllable count of your Haiku, Senryu, or Haibun to fit into the perfect expression of your artistic ability? Me too!

Good poetry should provoke thoughts and feelings in the reader by speaking to some kind of thought or idea that you aren’t afraid to talk about. Pay attention to the sounds your words make through diction and syntax. Use your word choice to create strong images. Always use clear, memorable words to get your point across.

Remember, poetry is subjective. Your words can have contrasting meanings to different people because it depends on their interpretations, moods, or perceptions.

Writing poetry is creating a special kind of magic with words that touch the hearts of your readers. We write poetry to look at things in a different way!



GeniusWhy do you write poetry?



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