“The Gales of November,” A Haibun/Haiku


December 7, 2017, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write what features a performance. You can interpret what is a performance any way the prompt leads you.

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(October 2017 Storm Born Rocks from Michigan – underwater to show the colors)

The Gales of November

I watched from my perch upon the beach as the November gales arrived early this year. North winds filled with an anxious rage howled across Lake Superior. Frothy white-capped waves erupted in a crescendo of deafening sounds, pounding for attention against the agate strewn sands. The spray splashed against my face like tears falling in a sorrowful refrain. Amidst the roiling of the storm, a quiet and gentle acceptance surfaced within me. I acknowledged my loneliness knowing that this too shall change. The show must go on.

Primeval gems–
Storm born, birthed on barren shores,
Remind me of home.

©2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

Image Credit: Lake Superior – Pixabay.com

I love rocks and gems. I have quite a collection. A friend sent me some superb specimens from Michigan. As I ran the water over the pebbles, a Haibun/Haiku formed in my mind. The rocks smelled like home. I grew up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin not far from Lake Michigan and a long way from Lake Superior where these rocks were born. However, it was the smell that triggered the memory of a place I used to call home.

If you look, you can find inspiration everywhere. The November gales are Mother Nature’s performance of the year.

Hugs for stopping by! ❤

17 thoughts on ““The Gales of November,” A Haibun/Haiku

  1. As a Michigan gal, to be up at Lake Superior is eerie and magical at the same time. I have a Petoskey stone necklace mjy folks sent me last Christmas and those “storm born” stones really DO carry special energy. You captured this beautifully. ❤

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    1. Can you believe I’ve never been to Lake Superior? Charli sent me those rocks. I felt their energy. It was a spiritual moment. Thanks, Annette. I would LOVE to see your necklace. ❤

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      1. I should take a picture of it… That is one of the coldest of the Great Lakes. My husband used to promise me he would go swimming in it, each time we’d be up north. I’d wave him on, retreat to the motel, pour a drink and draw him a bath. I mean, just in case he needed to thaw out Don’t believe he ever went in, but I know he would dip the front tire of his bicycle into the lake. (see, we were on biking tours of Northern Michigan, so our mode of getting around the country side, were souped up ten speeds). While I loved getting to see the area, I do NOT miss the bike trips.

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        1. Wow. That must have been a fun experience. I think I misspoke. My foster parents took me way up into northern Wisconsin and I did see that edge of Lake Superior. I was 17 or so. I remember how cold it was in July! I always laugh at my Ron. When we flew into Milwaukee he said, “that’s not a lake! It’s an ocean!” – meaning Lake Michigan. He’s a southern California boy. LOL! Lake Michigan was wicked cold. We use to ride our bikes to the lakefront every May. The water was so cold you couldn’t go into it. We swam in the smaller lakes which did warm up. Those rocks hold prehistoric secrets. ❤

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    1. Thanks, Merril. I wanted it to be about the memory of home so I think you got what I was going for. The rocks are really cool! Yes, that Gordon Lightfoot song is one of my favorites. Believe me, Lake Michigan can be scary! ❤

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  2. The gales performed for you, Colleen and you reciprocated in kind. Went I thought of sending them to you it didn’t occur to me that they’d smell of home. And yes, they do hold prehistoric secrets. I just love the ones with those bursts of pink — that’s the copper inclusions burning brightly beneath prehnite. Lovely flash and haibun!

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    1. Thanks, Charli. It was double inspiration. I have the rocks on the window sill in my creative room. When I glance at them, I get a thrill of creativity. Me and my rocks! LOL! (eye-roll) ❤

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