#Fairies, #Myths, & #Magic Author Spotlight Guest Post – Helena Smole, Fantasy Author


Welcome to my Author Spotlight Guest Posts. Today, I would like to introduce you to a new author, I met last year on FaceBook. Helena Smole is the author of Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships – Book 1: Out of the Forest and into the City – A Fantasy Novel. I read and reviewed this book HERE.

You know, I’ve read and reviewed more than one hundred books over the last couple of years on my blog. Many times, a personal connection with the author doesn’t bloom because of my reviewer status. So, you can imagine my surprise when Helena sent me an email asking if I would like to own a copy (an actual book to hold in my hands) of her book. In fact, she explained that she had quoted critical pieces of my review on the back cover and inside the paperback copy! I was gobsmacked! Helena lives in Slovenia – my first mail ever from her country. What a thrill and honor. Thank you, Helena. ❤

Enough about me, how about I introduce you to Helena Smole? She wrote a piece about the motivations and magic she experienced while writing her second novel. Please enjoy.

My Friends – Dwarfs

There is a saying in my mother tongue, Slovenian, which can be loosely translated as: “Fear is hollow inside, and there is nothing on the outside.” It took much more than this saying though to act in spite of my numerous fears and quit my safe job to become a financially supported wife and a writer. Next, to the loving support of my husband, both emotional and technical like creating a Kindle file, it took hours of meditation, nature walks, regular sleeping habits, psychiatric medication, and Tibetan massage, again performed by my husband. What would I do without him?

And what would I do without my dwarfs! I do not actually see or hear them, but I somehow sense their presence at a certain spot in the woods. There is a misty creek I cross while walking along my regular path. The air is always strangely cool there, and there appears to be a perpetual breeze as gentle as silk but giving one confidence in the unseen world.

Below the trail, there is a tiny waterfall over a cliff ascending from the mighty river. Naturally, the dwarfs reside above the track, where the terrain is only slightly descending. Sometimes there is merely one dwarf, yet more often there is a group of them. When I am alone, they invite me to step into their land off the trail.

Whereas, when I come with my husband, they tell me to stay on the walkway. They are always encouraging me and helping me to overcome my fears. I stand there, next to the tiny creek forever flowing, even in the worst drought. I look to the ground and see only fallen leaves from the majestic treetops way above my head providing an ongoing shadow for the invisible dwarfs. There is almost no undergrowth except a small elder tree. It feels as if the dwarfs have removed all the rest of the underbrush.

Some might say that dwarfs, like fears, are hollow inside and that there is nothing on the outside. Nevertheless, for me they are real. Just like all my irrational concerns are real. Dwarfs must exist in another dimension, not accessible to everybody. I do not know this for certain, but I feel it in a profound place in my heart.

My dear friends, the wood dwarfs were supporting me while writing my first book, which is non-fiction and describes my efforts to cope with mental illness. Thus, as a token of gratitude, I dedicated my second book to them: Vivvy and Izzy the Dwarf: A series about relationships – Book 1: Out of the Forest and into the City – A Fantasy Novel.

While Izzy the dwarf gives this fantasy/romance novel a specific fairy-tale nature, he is really just a friend providing useful advice to the young woman Vivvy and her husband, Felix. And true to life, there are no magical interventions by Izzy or the wizards who teach him how to guide Vivvy and Felix. The couple gets all the couples therapy they could want, but they still have to find a way through their conflicts on their own. This novel is a fairy-tale after the fairy-tale. It shows the reader what happens to the lady and her prince charming after they have found each other.

This fantasy novel about relationships enriches the reader with human emotions viewed under a microscope. One is able to relate to Vivvy and Felix in many everyday situations and also in more peculiar ones. Moreover, the two characters show us that when there is a will, there is a way, sometimes a long way.

And it is the same dwarfs from the woods nearby that I will turn to for helping me overcome my current writer’s block. Hey, maybe they are helping me already, for I have written this post.

© 2017 Helena Smole


Helena Smole abandoned her career as a scientific researcher and decided to dedicate her life to writing. In her first book, Balancing the Beast, she describes how she learned to maintain her mental health. After that, she continued writing novels. She has also authored over 170 analytical blogs on maintaining one’s emotional and mental balance, which can be read at www.helenasmole.com.


BUY on Amazon

This is a positive thinking book for people with mental illness, as well as for their relatives, friends, and co-workers.

You will discover:
– That you can learn how to live a happy life with schizoaffective disorder.
– That the stickiest label anyone can put on your forehead is the one you put there yourself.
– The way the author lets her psychiatrists deal with her mental illness while she chooses to improve her personality and self-image and to change her lifestyle in order to support the efforts of the psychiatrists.
– That your sensitive brain is your greatest treasure and that it reliably sends you messages that you are under too much stress.
– That you are not responsible for having become ill. However, it is YOUR responsibility to do something about your illness NOW that it has happened.
– And last but not least: you will re-discover the power of humor in wonderful illustrations by Leon Zuodar.





Helena Smole – Amazon Author:

Thanks for stopping by to meet, Helena. ❤

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