Winner of Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2

I’m proud to share a story that tickled the fancy of a few judges. Enjoy! ❤️

Carrot Ranch Literary Community

Little & Laugh

By Geoff Le Pard

The time has come to talk of many things. Well, only one really. Who won the second of the fantabulous Flash Fiction Rodeo contests hosted by the dynamic, the charismatic, the organic, the titanic Charli Mills.

I had the privilege of setting the contest criteria and, following a theme that echoes down the years from my childhood, I wanted to find the funny in you all. Someone once said, ‘Life is Poor, Solitary, Nasty, Brutish and Short’. Clearly that person needed to have a go at flash fiction; they needed to join the dance at Charli’s Rodeo; they needed to stop looking at their shoes. I mean, feet are funny but shoes? Serious stuff, people.

I’m not a criteria kind of guy. Some of my fellow competition setters had all sorts of rules and stuff. Me? MAKES US LAUGH in between 289 and…

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19 thoughts on “Winner of Flash Fiction Rodeo Contest #2

  1. I’d say your shiny new rock has good energy, but more importantly, your writing, publishing and effort create the good roll you are on, Colleen! I wondered if the story were true and appreciated how it read like a first-hand account. It had that cadence of a soldier’s story and humor. I enjoyed and am so pleased the judges did, too!

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    1. Thanks, Charli. I served in the Air Force as well, and feel like that gave me the “in” on my husband’s experience. We’ve laughed about this story for years but you know – it was life changing. ❤ I am so honored to share the story. Wow. I'm totally thrilled! 😀 ❤

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