How to Write a Cinquain Poem

I’m adding another poetry form to Colleen’s Weekly Poetry Challenge starting October 2, 2017. It’s called a cinquain:

Image credit: Ol’ King Cole’s Castle

Here is another site that will help you with word count and syllables. It is called I use Click on the poem workshop tab and try it out.

Here is an example of a cinquain:

Image credit:

Here is my example:



dreamlike beings

soaring, flying, airborne,

elegant shapeshifters of light –


© 2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

A cinquain is a form of shape poetry and is always centered on the page. The required syllables needed for each line give it a unique shape. shares, (please click the link to learn more about this poetry form).

“The cinquain, also known as a quintain or quintet, is a poem or stanza composed of five lines. Examples of cinquains can be found in many European languages, and the origin of the form dates back to medieval French poetry.”

Good LuckThanks for stopping by to learn a new poetry form. Try it! I know you’re going to like it! ❤



    1. I love the prose/Tanka/Senryu/Haiku. If you research Haibun poetry you will find some pretty strict rules. This poetry tells a story in the first person. Fun to write and create. ❤


  1. I have saved this; parked it in a folder marked “teaching goodies” to use during National Poetry Month. The time has come, if it’s ok with you, to use it with my Advanced Writing class. Your directions and explanations are great, BTW.

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    1. Oh, my goodness. Thank you. I relied on some excellent links. I love these cinquain poems. Please link your posts to mine so I can visit! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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