Welcome to my contribution to my Weekly Poetry Challenge, where you can write your own Haiku, Tanka, or Haibun using the prompt words of “gift and song.”

I closed my eyes when I felt the energy from the collective enter my soul. Like a surge of electrical impulses, the song of a thousand melodies echoed like waves in the atmosphere around me. I held out my hands ready to receive the vibrations.

“I see you.” The words empathically spoken filled me with joy. I had been recognized and accepted by the realm of the Meliae Nymphs. It felt good to be home once again.

The songs of the nymphs –

in tune with the collective,

a gift from the gods.

© 2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

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15 thoughts on ““Acceptance,” A Haibun

    1. I just listened to a free Hay House recording of John Holland called Perceiving vs. Receiving. I’ve decided I’m clear sentient as a clear feeler and clairaudient. The poem flowed from me with no effort at all. I love it. ❤

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