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What an amazing tribute to independently published authors. Please give a read and share your thoughts and experiences. ❤️

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Yesterday I chanced upon a post that was, on the whole, critical of Indie books and the writers thereof. The view of the writer was that most bloggers and Indie authors collude together to give misleading and glowing reviews of each other books and that the books in question are often not worthy of the reviews given. To be fair, this post also mentioned that the writer had read some good Indie books.

I found this post on Sally Cronin’s amazing blog, Smorgasbord. I salute Sally for sharing this post as she is an Indie author herself who writes the most amazing books. You can read Sally’s post and the comments thereon here:

I am prone to reflecting on things and the message in this post stayed in my mind overnight. Today I decided that I should share my views on Indie books, for what they are worth.

When I…

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    1. Quite important I think. Being an Independent author is one of the hardest, yet most fulfilling, things I’ve ever done. ❤

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  1. I missed this post but I am glad I caught up with it. Robbie has written an excellent post covering all the bases. Indie authors have given me such an awakening and I am blown away by their talent. I am also exploring genres that I never would have considered in the past. 🌼🌼🌼


    1. This whole thing began with a blogger saying how horrible Indy authors and their books were. The insinuation was that those of us who do reviews do it because we are friends with the author and not really grading them correctly. Many of us were frustrated beyond belief! I can truthfully say, that I read very few novels from Indie Authors that I do not love. This particular blogger got more attention from her post than any she had ever written before. (The Trump Effect). LOL! Anyway, I thought Robbie gave an excellent answer. Thanks for sharing your thoughts. How can we grow if we don’t try to new things? Hugs. ❤


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