“The Wraith,” A #Haiku

Welcome to my contribution to my Weekly Poetry Challenge, where you can write your own Haiku, Tanka, or Haibun using the prompt words of “shadow & light.” I used “wraith” for shadow, and used “wispy” for light.

Image credit: KOAA Colorado Springs – Eclipse Causes Temperatures Swings in Colorado

A wispy presence –
with the pale form of a Wraith,
the moon hides the sun.

© 2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

I celebrated the eclipse on Monday by trying to capture the sun (We were at 90%) without looking at it directly. We did get a temperature drop of about six degrees. The light resembled a brown-out like someone had dimmed the lights.

I performed a creativity ritual calling upon the energy from the eclipse to infuse me with new opportunities. I recharged my calcite fairy stone in the sun and shadows.

Check out these pictures taken from Colorado Springs of the Solar Eclipse on August 21, 2017.



        1. Yes, please. I have thyroid issues (I don’t have one) I know that is the throat chakra. Asthma, and allergies too. I am working more on my meditation. I found out I have a crystal aura and that fits me to a tee. I am empathic (you already know that) LOL! I need protection and am learning to not let my energy get sucked up into everyone else. Does that help? I feel your kindness emanating toward me, Irene. Huge hugs. ❤


          1. I will recommend you Lace Agate for emotional protection, perfect for sensitive souls.
            About Asthma, this has often to do with things, as we don’t talk about or don’t wish to talk about. Then we feel strangled in our breath. For this I will recommend you to use Lapis Lazuli, which are good to let us see inside ourselves.
            Allergies are many things, but often these have to do with over-consuming of something, if it is allergies for things, we put in our mouth. One day it becomes just to much for the body and we need to change our pattern of life. Here I will recommend you Ruby and Orange Calcite, if you can find it, otherwise other red and orange gemstones, as you feel attracted to, which is a perfect guideline.
            Breathing allergies belong together with the Asthma, and will get help in same way.
            Maybe you can find guiding, while you do your meditations. Try to ask, why you get these and see, if you will get an answer.
            All of these can come from many years ago, but have been build up by the years.
            Remember to clean all your gemstones in cold water after use, otherwise you risk to receive the same emotions, as you just tried to get rid of. It might be a good idea to place your gemstones close beside your bed in the night, so they are allowed to work there too. You can get some weird dreams, as I will advice you to write down for yourself to remember later. This can give you ideas, where you need to do more for yourself.
            I hope, this will help you, Colleen ❤

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          2. Irene, I had no idea! But, you’ve read me to a tee. I’ve had these problems since I was a child. My mom passed when I was 3. I need to let go of these issues, this I know. Can you point me to a reputable place to purchase these gems? I look forward to the dreams. My book was written by many of these dreams whispered to me from the elementals. I am most definitely a work in progress. ❤

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          3. I will advice you to find a local shop, could be a health shop, then you will also find a place to buy for your future. If you are shopping local, you get a better service and save the postage from Europe, which is quite expensive. Gemstones are heavy weight.
            You can start to google, where to buy gemstones in your area, a good start.
            Now you told me this, I will also recommend you to buy several big pieces of Rose Quartz and place these around in your house. They remove bad energies of many kind, so also place one beside your computer, they help us to avoid radiation.
            Rose Quartz is pure love ❤ and might be able to help you to release these old energies.

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          4. Thank you so much, Irene. I will keep you posted on my progress. You are such a help. Thank you, so much. Hugs and love!

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          5. I do have a question. Is wearing jewelry made from the gems you suggested as good as having pieces of the stones?

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          6. Both is helping us. For the Rose Quartz, I will recommend you to have these all over your house. They help you to receive the love and caring, as you have needed and can need in your life.
            For the others, jewelry is fine, just you remember to wear them.

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          7. I will find the rose quartz, Irene. I always wondered about the gems in jewelry. That makes sense, for sure. Hugs and love. ❤

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          8. I found some on Amazon that is priced well. I hate to drive and haven’t for years. Getting my husband in a rock shop would be a feat! LOL! 😀

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    1. Thanks, Viva. It’s been so busy lately and I’ve been trying to find more time to work on book 2. Glad you enjoyed it. ❤

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