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One of the best ways to meet new independent authors is to experience their writing. For my special guest author, Eloise De Sousa, this required her to step out of her usual writing genre and enter the world of fairies, myths, and magic. This is difficult at best for most writers, but not Eloise.

The Adventurous Four: Search for the Amoulean Staff,” is a fantasy series written by Eloise which I will update with future episodes as she writes them. Make sure to bookmark this post so you can come back and read the exciting story as it progresses. I will also share the post on Twitter and Facebook. Grab a cup of coffee or tea, and settle in to read Eloise’s first episode.

The Adventurous Four: Search for the Amoulean Staff – Episode One

By Eloise De Sousa

Image credit: Pixabay.com

Rabattan glared into the smoky darkness. His green eyes gleamed with satisfaction. “I hope your stay with us will be…comfortable, my queen!” he sneered.

Hazel eyes peered back at him from beyond the icy bars. Queen Sarafina bit her tongue, refusing to rise to his insolent baiting. She had been captured by the trolls only that morning, succumbing to their bile and venom as they led her back to their lair under the roots of the acorn tree in South Meadow. It was better this way. Her kingdom would remain safe for as long as the trolls thought they were in power, and it would give her secret plan time to unfold.

She smiled, drawing closer to the frozen stalactites keeping her prisoner. Her fingers curled around their icy points as the prison guard’s greeny pupils expanded in fear. “Enjoy your moment, Rabattan, for I shall certainly revel in your hospitality.” A gentle growl emanated from the back of her throat. She smirked as he took another tentative step back. Her reputation for being a bit of a hot head had obviously reached far below the earth’s surface to the inhabitants of the underworld. Their audacity to try and capture her meant that all the tribes had agreed to take action against the sun dwellers of South Meadow. The fairies, gnomes, and goblins who had co-existed in peace for centuries were now under threat.

Time was running out for their serene existence as the underworld dwellers grew tired of living on grubs and scrambling through the darkness, separating roots for homes and digging endless tunnels that collapsed more regularly than the sugar fairies fell from honeysuckle flowers.

Desperate footsteps scrambling towards the prison broke her train of thought, and the sight of one of the moles from the northern heath shocked her. Had they joined with the trolls too?

“Lord Rabattan, I have an urgent message for you from Prince Grotchen,” the little creature whispered, his eyes searching for the prisoner hidden in the shadows.

“What is it?”

“Umm, he said to come to his aid right away, sir.”

Rabattan scowled. Prince Grotchen wasn’t capable of wiping his insectile rear end without asking for assistance. If it weren’t for his princely status, Rabattan would have rid himself of the pesky prince a long time ago. But his presence was necessary to keep the factions together, for now. He ushered the little mole back up the earthen steps lit only by a sliver of light filtering past the roots of the old tree from above and followed him through the narrow passageways up to a wide hall surrounded by trellis shoots and packed earth.

Making an elaborate bow, he extended his green, spotted arm to the king. He walked up to the throne and awaited further instruction from the snake-like figure sitting in the large, woven willow chair.

Prince Grotchen watched his strongest general approach and sighed. If only Rabattan held a little more respect for him, he could keep him on in his services. As it stood, his spies had informed him of his general’s plot to remove him from power and take the throne for himself. That would not do. Their alliance with the other underworld kingdoms was tentative at best, and he refused to allow anything to scupper their chances of winning the foretold war against the sun dwellers. His thin lips formed a semblance of a smile, and he gazed at the general, keeping him waiting for longer than was necessary.

“Get rid of him,” he grimaced.

Surprised by the turn of events, Rabattan watched the approaching troll soldiers and panicked. Courtiers to the prince stood back, their bug eyes reflecting the shiny leaves and acorn caps used by the soldiers. A small door stood slightly ajar to the left of the throne. There was his escape. He leapt forward, taking the first two guards by surprise as he landed with a hard thud on their oversized heads. The crunch was unpleasant, but there was no time to think. With a swoop, he swung his spear (a sharpened bamboo shoot with a granite stone tip) at the prince, who screamed and scrambled up the back of his throne. His praying mantis body twisted and the darkened green wings caught on the sharp sticks, holding him captive.

“Don’t just stand there, stop him!”

Too late. The guards gave chase as Rabattan disappeared behind the door, slamming it shut in their faces.


Today, I’m featuring one of my favorite books from this author. You can read my review here.

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Julia Webster and Hugo del Fuego are missing from their third-floor apartment in Bagley, and it is up to Detectives Perkins and Jones to solve the case before time runs out for the pregnant young woman and her partner.

Following Julia Webster’s family history opens the case for the detectives as more information on the members of the family exposes allegations of murder and violence. Money and powerful political connections have saved the family from prosecution, but with their family psychiatrist, Dr Robert Puffnel, jailed for drug dealing, illicit photographs of his clientele and manslaughter, the Websters have nowhere to hide.

Julia shares her thoughts and memories in captivity, giving the reader a first person point of view of her situation. Not knowing why she is being held prisoner, and without Hugo to keep her sane, she barely holds onto her sanity as her captors prepare to take away her unborn child. The threat of death seems to be the least important thing on her mind as she does what she can to protect her baby.

Information on the Webster family found at the local mental hospital give the detectives enough to piece together the warped, displaced Webster family tree and find the main perpetrators behind the kidnapping, leading to a full circle of the family already involved. With the puzzle falling into place, the detectives are able to find the location of the kidnappers and save Julia just as she is about to be drowned.

The suspects are arrested and hospitalized. The detectives take special care of their surviving victim and keep close tabs on her to make sure she is safe. Unfortunately, one of the attackers escapes custody and finds Julia. Before the detectives have a chance to save her, he reaches her flat, ready to take what he assumes is his. She savagely attacks him, killing him before he has a chance to harm her baby.

Perkins and Jones arrive after the struggle, never knowing the truth behind the killing. They would do anything to protect the young woman and help her disappear, fearing the other suspects involved might find her if released from prison early. A hint of the obsession the two detectives have with this young woman leads to the question of whether or not she should have been prosecuted too. After all, she is a Webster and has the same blood flowing through her veins as the criminals in the case. Who is to say she will not kill again?

Meet Author, Eloise De Sousa

Born in Harare, Zimbabwe, Eloise grew up with a bossy older brother and strict parents. Spending most of her free time at ballet or immersed in books, she kept a journal from a young age, noting details about the people around her and making up songs or stories using the characters she met along the way.

Eloise has written over ten books in the past few years, most of them personalised stories for younger children. Creating magical worlds where a child can be the hero whilst using his/her natural talents and abilities to overcome obstacles has set Eloise’s personalised books apart from others on the market.

Her adult books cover crime, suspense and the paranormal, giving her readers the chills as she delves into the world of villains and victims. All her books are available from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Waterstones (at the reader’s request) and lulu.com.


Email: eloisedesousa@hotmail.com

Website: http://eloiseds.com

Blog: http://eloisedesousa.wordpress.com

Visit Eloise’s Amazon Author Page to find all of her books: http://amazon.com/author/eloisedesousa

Twitter handle: @mello_elo

072017_1900_AuthorSpotl15.pngThanks for stopping by to meet Eloise. ❤


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