Land blessing tradition survives as farmers seek to ward off piseogs –

Dermott Hayes, from his blog, Postcards from a Pigeon, and I got into a great discussion about fairy poetry. He shared this poem with a link to read the poem: which led him to share this great post about the piseogs. Enjoy. ❤


Did you take the time to shake holy water in each corner of your fields on Saturday night? The old custom of using holy water to ward off bad luck and protect against piseogs on May Eve

Source: Land blessing tradition survives as farmers seek to ward off piseogs –


  1. Land blessing is a marvelous tradition.
    I had no tradition as such, but when I had my house built back in NM (a spec house in a subdivision, nothing grand) when it reached the framing stage, I went to the site after the workmen had gone for the day. I drew Reki and other protective symbols on the wood, above each doorway and window. Who knows what the workmen thought the next day. They were rather superstitious there! 😀 Hugs.

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    1. Our house in Colorado was already built when we moved in. It had been a model so lots of traffic. I burn incense to Buddha regularly so I feel like that helps to learn the negative energies. I am just learning about Reiki and even some pagan practices that I am enjoying. I consider myself a Pagan/Buddhist and that has been a fun learning experience. I still hope to get you back out west because I think your soul longs to be back here. We’ll keep working on that! ❤

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      1. It does…
        Risks or not, I’ve put everything on hold in that regard. Crystal already has another growth. I won’t put her through repeated surgeries, or treatments that make her sick to prolong her life. She’s had IBD almost all her life as it is… Anyhow, I can’t bear to cause her all the trauma and drama of a move. So I’m still in my own sad limbo. I can’t get over grief when the heart is still in the process of breaking. Sorry — I know your own heartbreak is still fresh. Love, Light and hugs my friend.

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