Do you believe in fairies? I bet you will after you read this magical poem by Mick, His Poetry. ❤

Mick E Talbot Poems



spent many a day in woods, reciting,
listening to nature, meditating.
passers by stop, some stop to listen,
some to ask why, without hesitation,
my reply, for the fairies,
and they laugh till they cry.
i join in their laughter, for I am happy,
to hear people laughing
in a world filled with fear.
before they walk on, I beg,
stop a while longer, listen,
look, now tell me, you agree,
not in fairies, but in nature,
its sounds, and what you see.
i bid them good day,
but before they did go,
they looked where they trod,
and spotted that tiny pink rose.
when they looked up I was gone,
for I was that fairy all along.

© Mick E Talbot 2017/66
Inspired by a comment Willowdot21 made, I thank her most sincerely.
Dedicated to Willowdot21 and Colleen Chesebro

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  1. The magic of fairyland is a matter of faith just like the magical Santa…do we ever he doesn’t come with all the goodies? So are fairies…very much a part of our creative aspect! Loved the twist in the end and the pink fairy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this fantastic poem Colleen.

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    1. Fairies come to me much the same way some people have visitations from their guardian angels. Who’s to say they don’t exist? I think they slip across the cosmos into our dimension to help us. The fact that have human like traits make them all the more fascinating. Mick has fun with his poetry, like you, Balroop. I love it! ❤

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  2. The first poem I remember my father reciting to me when I was a child was William Allingham’s The Fairies,

    ‘Up the airy mountain,
    down the rushy glen,
    we daren’t go a-hunting,
    for fear of little men.

    Wee folk, good folk,
    troopin’ all together,
    Green jacket, red cap
    and white owl’s feather.

    It told me everything I needed to know about fairies and then I told my children and they’ve told theirs. And thank you, Colleen

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    1. Dermott! How wonderful to see you here. Have you healed up from your surgery? Now the poem above is pure magic. Those nursery rhyme poems are some of the best. I have used them for inspiration many times. Thanks for sharing your lovely story. ❤

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          1. Having spent almost six months in a sedentary position, three of those confined to one room in my apartment, it has taken me a while to begin circulating again. It has also taken me a while to start writing again but I have been doing a lot of research with two Irish history projects and my science fiction novel in the stew. It’s been hard work but I’ve learned patience because you can’t rush with only one useful leg.

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    1. Isn’t this grand? I enjoy the spontaneity that springs from Mick’s heart filled with poetry. It is a treat every time. Thanks, Terri. Hope you wrist is feeling better. ❤

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    1. LOL! I think the belief in fairies has much to do with a person’s outlook on life. If they are open to new experiences they tend to believe in things that are forward thinking. That’s a win-win! ❤

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