Free Promotion… Miedo 2: A Reckoning With Fear

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Starting tomorrow, Thursday, 29th June and through to Monday, 3rd July, Miedo 2: A Reckoning With Fear will be free at Amazon. I’ve read the first book and it was a chilling account of a child growing up surrounded by fear. I’m excited to read Miedo’s journey! ❤


      1. Sometimes there just isn’t any… that’s my problem with the “story” I’ve been trying to tell. I’ve approached it multiple ways over the years, and couldn’t do it. But It keeps coming back, as if demanding to be told. But I just can’t live in that hell again, long enough to tell it… I tried — but that story isn’t going to make it beyond the 1930s. I admit defeat. Again.
        I’m glad Kev is able to tell “Miedo’s” story. Hugs.

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        1. And, that’s creativity. I am learning that I can’t push it… I have to let the fairy muses whisper to me. Don’t put yourself through that. Write something else… there is always something else! ❤

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