How to Create Fairy Connections on International Fairy Day


It’s here! My favorite day of the year. Yes, International Fairy Day is all about celebrating everything that has to do with fairies! Click HERE for ideas on how to celebrate this day with your family.

The ancients believed the best time to see the fae were during the Midsummer celebrations of the Summer Solstice. The days and nights were warm, and many claimed that this was the time when the tiny creatures ventured out to celebrate the new season. The old teachings say that if a person saw a fairy, it brought good luck, but only to those who respected nature and the old ways.

But Wait! If you want to see a fairy you have to know what you are looking for!

Fairies are believed to be supernatural beings or elementals. There are four elements in nature: fire, air, earth, and water. In fact, our ancient astrological signs are based on these four elements.

Image credit: Astrology on Pinterest

The three Fire signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. The three Air signs are Libra, Aquarius, and Gemini. The three Earth signs are Capricorn, Taurus, and Virgo. And lastly, the three Water signs are Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces. Even the ancient humans recognized the power of the elements. Antiquity is filled with the myths and stories of the elementals.

Each element has a spiritual energy attached to it. This spiritual energy, in my humble opinion, is what the fairies are composed of. Many take the form of birds, animals, or even insects for protection from human intervention. They consist of cosmic energy and inhabit a parallel plane of existence. It is believed that when they do show us their true forms, they resemble Gnomes (Earth), Salamanders (Fire), Sylphs (Air), and Undines (water).

Image credit:

The gnomes are the nature spirits belonging to the earth. There is a subgroup listed as well. They are Brownies, Dryads, Durdalis, Earth Spirits, Elves, Hamadryads, Pans, Pygmies, Sylvestres, and Satyrs.

The Salamanders are the ancient beings that are fire. We can’t live without them, as ancient man found out. These are the most powerful of the elementals and ruled by Djinn. They resemble balls of fire (fairy orbs) or lizard-like creatures almost a foot in length.

The Sylphs are air spirits said to live at the highest peaks of the mountains. They are the rulers of the winds and have a temperamental nature.

The Undines control the waters of the earth. They live within the water atoms and cannot be seen with normal vision. There is a subgroup of Undines which are Limoniades, Mermaids, Naiads, Oceanid, Oreads, Potamides, Sea Maids, and Water Spirits.

The Undines are what I based my Naiad fairy nymphs off of in my debut novel, The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy. That is why I portrayed my swamp fairy to be green-skinned; resembling the waters of the swamp she inhabits.

Image by: Bookxeedo Book Covers

Each elemental being is unique to their environment, and they mirror that existence on earth. I believe they can understand our human thoughts. However, they are not individualized beings. They belong to a collective consciousness that lives on a separate plane from us. I often describe them as bees belonging to a hive, communicating for the collective good of the particular hive, or clan.

The elementals are not immortal. They cannot be destroyed by the four elements because they are etheric and part of the four elements of nature. Nature takes care of their own, although elementals cannot change their element. They can’t start out as a Salamander and switch to an Undine, for example.

It is not surprising then when my research on the elementals revealed that when their time on earth is finished, they are absorbed back into the collective consciousness of the elemental realm. I feel they are reborn or reincarnated when their expertise is called upon to aid humanity once more.

The Elementals answer only to the Devas.

Wikipedia shares:

“A deva (देव Sanskrit and Pāli) in Buddhism is one of many different types of non-human beings who share the godlike characteristics of being more powerful, longer-lived, and, in general, much happier than humans, although the same level of veneration is not paid to them as to Buddha’s.”

Image credit: Bhumi deva (Buddhist fairy) relaxing in the home garden (WeGoTwo/ from

Of course, being a Buddhist, I was thrilled to find out that fairies existed in the Vedas. shares:

“The theme of the tree spirit (dryad) inherited from nature genii found in the Vedas and Vedic Brahmanism in ancient India was inherited by early Buddhism. Such a theme had already been adopted to represent Maya, Siddhartha’s mother, during the birth of the Bodhisat (buddha-to-be).

She became a Sal tree spirit (Salabhanjika), as Wisdom Quarterly has demonstrated. These themes from around the area the Shakyans [the Buddha’s family clan] ruled, in modern Pakistan and Afghanistan in the ancient Northwest Indian frontier, grew in Gandharan art.”

Now that you know about the fairy elementals here’s how to find one:

Nuthatch: Image credit:

The best place to see a fairy elemental is to take a walk in nature. You can read how I saw my first elemental, the swamp fairy, HERE.

The fairies come to me in the form of birds. I found that interesting since my spirit animal is a nuthatch. (Click HERE to see what your spirit animal is). I won’t discount that your spirit animal helps you to commune with nature and the elementals. That might be the key to seeing your own fairies.

The fairy elementals are the easiest to see close to or after dawn, or as the shadows of dusk cross your path. The best way to attract them is to have your garden or home filled with plants, animals, and crystals. Open your mind to the possibilities of magic, and you will be amazed at the results. It is your human openness that draws the elementals to your soul.

Fairies are real. Yet, it seems that only people who believe in them or who are open minded enough to sense them are given the gift of fairy vision. It makes sense then, the more skeptical you are of their reality, the fewer chances you will have of witnessing a fairy sighting. People who respect animals and nature the most tend to have the highest belief in fairies.

When you are kind toward Mother Nature (Gaia) the fairies respect you. Are you into recycling or helping with environmental causes? If so, you will have earned the respect of the elemental fairy nymphs. I believe if you have their respect, they will be there for you always.

Remember how I explained about the different kinds of fairy elementals? I have seen a fairy orb (salamander elemental) which I believe is tied to me being an Aries – a fire sign. I’ve shared the video below for you to draw your own conclusions.

After I filmed this episode, the fairy light globe never worked again. My husband fiddled with the solar part and the switch to no avail. The globe wouldn’t work.

I’ve kept the fairy statue in my creative room where I do all my writing. Next to the statue, I placed a calcite fairy stone from my friend, Irene. On Wednesday, the night of the Summer Solstice, I went to bed around 9 PM. It was dark as I traipsed up the stairs. When I rounded the corner of the hall, my heart flew into my throat. Strange lights were emanating from my office. I stepped closer and peeked inside the door. The broken fairy globe was exploding in a light show. Suddenly it worked again.

Logically, you might say there was a short in the light source, and that may be. Yet, I don’t buy it. I knew when I walked into my creative room to fiddle with the switch on the globe that the fairies were sending me a message. They wanted me to know they were there. Besides, it took several minutes before the switch was able to be turned off. I knew this was their way of telling me to get busy on the second book of The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Meadow Fairy.

And that is why I am known as the fairy whisperer… I write their stories to share with you.

Thanks for stopping by to share International Fairy Day with me. Let me know in the comments how you celebrated and if you saw an elemental fairy nymph! ❤

Don’t forget! Today is the last day to get your copy of The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy for FREE on


  1. I am in Barcelona and in this part of the country, it is a holiday St. John, and on the eve there are bonfires, fireworks… I am translating Sally Cronin’s Tales from the Garden so I’m surrounded by fairies these days but must go and try to see one… Enjoy the day!

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  2. I was reading this post a little while ago and I got a text from my daughter saying there’s a tornado warning. We’re all OK, and the warning has expired. I don’t think it’s fairy weather here.
    I’ll be stuck at my computer today anyway, but maybe tomorrow!

    I love nuthatches. Now I’ll think of you when I see one.

    As far as the signs–I was born in December, but I am so not a Sagittarius or Fire sign. 🙂

    Hope you have a fairy-full, fanciful, fabulous day, Colleen!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s been crazy weather for sure. Glad you are all safe. Here in Colorado we had a cold front come through. It was 46 degrees last night! Happy Fairy day. ❤️🌈

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hoping you’re having a wonderful International Fairy Day – I just love how this day exists. I’ve learnt so much from your lovely informative post…and tingling when reading about your lamp…😀❤️

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I have had some amazing experiences lately. I am their vehicle to get the message out about our environment. It has been magical. I’m so glad you stopped by. Hugs and fairy blessings! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Wasn’t that a curious set of circumstances? I can’t help but believe they are here. Happy Fairy Day, Judy. Hugs to you! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Sally, that sounds fabulous. I live in a tight housing development and those magical beings found me! I know your garden will be a welcoming home. I think it is our belief that attracts them too. Share photos so we can see your garden journey. Hugs and happy Monday. ❤

      Liked by 1 person

  4. And here I pop over to see this. I didn’t know it was International Fairy Day on the 24th. I can’t believe that. I’ve been celebrating Solstice with the fairies for years. It’s a thing we do here. We love it. The kids and adults. Because. Fairies. What’s not to love? ❤

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Oookay… Now I’m having a flashback to last year. Didn’t we have this same convo? Did you post about International Fairy Day last year? Either way, I celebrated. Solstice fairies visited us. 🙂

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