Legends of the Fae at Beltane


Happy Summer Solstice! Did you know starting today, June 21st through Saturday, June 24th are the BEST days to see fairies? Check out the discussion below. ❤

Some people believe that the Fae are most active around the time of Beltane. What are these otherworldly creatures, and where do they come from?

Source: Legends of the Fae at Beltane


  1. We have a family tradition of setting out plates of food for the fae at Midsummer, Halloween, and Beltaine. Where this comes from I don’t know but it stretches way back. Happy Midsummer xxx

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    1. Happy Solstice, Adele. I am writing my solstice post right now and will some of the history. Last December we decided to follow the solstice traditions instead of Christmas. I love it. Two holidays that deal with nature, fairies, and connecting to the natural world. Perfect! ❤

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