Memory Fragments – A #Haibun

Welcome to my contribution to my weekly #Poetry Challenge, where you can write your own Haiku, Tanka, or Haibun using the prompt words of hard and soft. Remember, synonyms are encouraged.

This week, I decided to write a Haibun with a Haiku. I used “fierce,” for hard, and “velvety” for soft.

Both words have many connotations. Depending on how you use your synonyms you can alter the meaning of your prose & poetry in many ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with synonyms. Sometimes subtle meanings pack the most punch in your poetry. Play with the words for different reactions.

The best poetry has layers of meaning.

The path meandered out of the woods and opened onto a stony ledge. Picking my way through the boulders slick with dew, the wind shrilled in my ears. Spring in the Rocky Mountains becomes a fierce breeze, and the scent of wildflowers lay heavy upon the soil. A flash of white captured my spirit. Nestled in a rocky crevice a child’s velvety toy remains abandoned, leftover from another season.

The pitch of a voice

memory fragments linger

of my time with you.

©2017 Colleen M. Chesebro


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34 thoughts on “Memory Fragments – A #Haibun

  1. I loved this, Colleen. I wish I could write better poetry. When I was younger it seemed to flow but over the years it’s got stuck. lol xx


    1. Adele… I found you in spam! I really love the Haibun. You can let the creative prose fly and the rules on the Haiku or Tanka accompaniment keeps some form to your poetry. You should try, only for the fact that it opens your chakras to creativity. We’re all learning so all you will find is love and encouragement. ❤

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    1. Perfect. That is what I was going for. I am learning the “pivot.” Interesting technique to get a different view across.


    1. That is what I hoped for. Haibun calls for a pivot or surprise… I hope I achieved that. 😀


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