Fairies and Fairy Orbs

“In the Beauty of the World lies the ultimate redemption of our mortality. When we shall become at one with nature in a sense profounder even than the poetic imaginings of most of us, we shall understand what now we fail to discern.” – FIONA MACLEOD.

Do you believe in fairies, or have you ever seen one?

I am convinced that ever since my encounter with a swamp fairy in Florida (you can read about that here) my fairy vision has increased. I have heard it said that once you see a fairy, your belief in them intensifies, and now, I can say I concur.

I see fairies, or maybe I should say I feel and hear them through my heart, and not always with my eyes. It is a feeling – belonging to a sacred and ancient energy or psychic vibration. I consider this ability to be a gift from nature itself. It is through my dreams I feel their presence the most. The fae responds to those of us who can feel the vibrations of nature.

Yesterday, I bought a solar powered fairy for my garden. I set the small statue in the sun to charge up the battery. I waited until it was dark and placed the statue on my pub table. Once I turned on the switch the fairy globe sparkled with an iridescent intensity. I stood, mesmerized by the beauty of the lights as they flashed on the ceiling. I decided to take a small video to share with my granddaughter.

You can imagine my surprise when a fairy orb appeared as I was filming. In the video, you will see a tiny green dot that hovers over the fairy and then disappears, only to reappear again at the end. I am not kidding you when I tell you that the fairies are always near to me. My life and writing have been enriched by their presence.

The fairy orbs I see are usually green in color. I figure the orbs are fairy auras. I see them because I have unlocked my heart to the presence of magic. My senses and telepathy are at work here. Depending on how open you are to the possibilities of seeing fairies, you will see them if you open your heart. Here is a fantastic article about fairy circles or orbs and digital photography.

Many folks believe the orbs are spirits of deceased relatives. I would never discount that phenomenon. We must consider that just because the scientific community hasn’t proven the experience, doesn’t mean the experience is not real. I am open to all possibilities. All I know is that I felt peaceful and happy after the orb appeared.

Now, watch my video again. The fairy orb moves and hovers over the statue. If the orb was a piece of dust caught in the lens of the camera, it would drift in the air currents in the room. Yet, my orb appears and disappears always coming closer to the fairy statue…

Fairy lore has been with us since the beginning of time. Of great interest to me is how the belief in the fairies seems to resurge during times of cultural and environmental upheaval. Fairies, like humans, are bound to nature. I have a theory that the fairies or little people appear to humans to emphasize that we must protect sacred areas of the earth. At least that is my interpretation. You will have to make your own assumptions.

As I write this post, the President of the United States is signing an executive order dismantling climate change legislation from the previous administration. Coincidence? I think not. The fairies know that we humans are affecting changes in the environment that we might not be able to reverse in the future.

The tiny, green orb is present near the plant in this picture at the right of the fairy’s wings.

There are many different types of fairies, and I have also been visited by the púca. My swamp fairy sighting was that of a puca. These are the fairy shapeshifters from Celtic folklore. They appear to me initially in the form of a bird and then transform into their natural fairy appearance of a tiny figure clothed in leaves and twigs. They always resemble the natural flora and fauna of where I have seen them.

This video shares my belief that birds and fairies are connected:

The idea of mummified remains and the fairy skeleton’s similarity to birds never entered my mind. However, if the artifacts are real, that would explain how they fly. It also makes sense that fairies exist in our realm.

Now that you’ve seen the evidence… what do you think?


Thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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