Welcome to my contribution to my weekly #Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge. This week, I tweaked the prompt word of “help” to “balm,” and I changed “smile” to “smirk.”

Both words have many connotations. Depending on how you use your synonyms you can alter the meaning of your Tanka poetry in many ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with synonyms. Sometimes subtle meanings pack the most punch in your poetry. Play with the words for different reactions.

The best poetry has layers of meaning.

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Seeking redemption –
his smirk encircles my heart,
with cookie crumb lips.
My Grandchildren are a balm
which appease my failing heart.

©2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

A photo of my grandson when he was a wee boy. Today he plays football in junior high school. Where does the time go?

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    1. Thanks, Erika. Stevie will be 14 years old already! I haven’t seen him in a couple years. The kids grow up so quick. 😦

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    1. Thanks, Viva. Make sure to read the instructions I share on how to write a Tanka. Great examples.

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