Author Interview: Hugh W. Roberts

A great interview with Hugh Roberts about his new book. Check it out! ❤

Write Through the Night

Hugh W. Roberts is a new author, and has just recently published his first book, Glimpses, a collection of short stories.  Besides this, he is a blogger, and has a really inspirational story.  It was my pleasure to have the opportunity to ask Hugh a few questions and learn more about both his book and his life!

You have dyslexia, and make no secret of it. What was it like growing up with this, and do you think it caused people to see you differently?

While growing up, dyslexia was not an acknowledged condition. Teachers told my parents I was either slow and/or not very intelligent for my age. You can imagine how that made me feel, while sat alongside my parents, knowing that sometimes the words I wrote or read just seemed to get jumbled up. I was often taunted by other children about all the mistakes I’d make…

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8 thoughts on “Author Interview: Hugh W. Roberts

  1. Thanks so much for reblogging this interview, Colleen.
    I’m currently experiencing problems with not being able to access and leave comments on certain blogs. I’m not even able to view my own blog posts! Grrrrrr! WordPress are trying to sort the problem out for me. I’m leaving this comment via my Twitter account.
    In the meantime, I’m not able to press the like button next to the comments from Judith and Tina, so thank you, ladies, for your kind comments. Hopefully, WordPress will have me back to normal service soon. 😀


    1. No worries, Hugh. We all have to help each other spread the word about our books. I had no idea you were having so many problems with your blog. Wendy Anne Darling came to visit and I spent some time showing her how the posting, etc. had changed. If you go into your blog through the Write It tab at the top of the menu you can get there in a round about way. It is happening to many of us. Best wishes to you. We’ll keep spreading the word. Hugs to you, Hugh. ❤


      1. I wasn’t aware the problem was affecting other bloggers, Colleen. I get WordPress email notifications of all new blog posts and have discovered that if I’m logged into WordPress when clicking on the link to the blog post in the email, the page won’t open. Same goes for when I press the ‘view’ link in the reader or on my own posts in the dashboard of my blog. However, if I’m not logged into WordPress the links in the email works and I can access and read the blog post. It’s not happening with all the blogs I follow, but most of them (including your blog). It’s very frustrating and I will write a post about it once it’s sorted.


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