Hi! Welcome to my contribution to my weekly #Tanka Tuesday poetry challenge. This week, I tweaked the prompt word of “bloom” to “bloomer,” and I let “late” stay the same. Both words have many connotations and can change the meaning of your Tanka poetry in many ways. Don’t be afraid to experiment with synonyms. Sometimes subtle meanings pack the most punch in your poetry. Play with the words for different reactions.

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Don’t forget to join in and share your #Tanka #Poem using the words: bloom & late, or if you need some visual inspiration write your Tanka poem and tell us of the feelings and descriptions this photo invokes:

Purple genesis –

swathed in a crystal mantel,

darkness exploding.

Dawn bursting forth in glory,

acknowledging a new day.

© 2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

Studious young girls –

are considered late bloomers,

hiding in their books.

Their beauty is buried deep

revealed when their wisdom speaks.

© 2017 Colleen M. Chesebro

15 thoughts on ““Purple Genesis” & “Studious Young Girls” – TWO #Tankas

  1. When I was a little girl I even had name plate stickers to put in my books that pictured a bookworm saying “As for me give me a book”. I have been a book worm all my life. I love your Tankas, Colleen.

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    1. I remember I had some sticker name plates also. We have a shared commonality: reading, writing, and poetry! LOL! I have been a reader since first grade. I remember my teacher being amazed at the grade level I read at. Reading has been the joy of my life. ❤

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