Calcite Fairy Stones – Where to Find Them

It has been Christmas at my house today… all over again! The calcite fairy stone necklaces, made by IreneDesign2011 have arrived! One look at these magical pendants and you too will want a fairy stone like Abby wears in The Heart Stone Chronicles: The Swamp Fairy.

Here’s how to get your own:

The small calcite heart stone pendant is at the left near the hummingbird on the cover. Here is the link to Irene’s Etsy site where you can buy your own pendant:

The large calcite heart stone pendant is pictured at the right just above my name. Here is the link:

You can read more about Irene, who designed the necklaces here. Please stop by and check out her blog, IreneDesign2011, and let her know what you think. Aren’t the necklaces gorgeous? will explain the various uses for calcite. Green calcite (considered to be the fairy stone) is especially useful at the heart chakra. ❤

I’ve completed the final CreateSpace document upload for The Heart Stone Chronicles today. My heart is full! Thanks for sharing this exciting time with me.

Happy New Year!

52 thoughts on “Calcite Fairy Stones – Where to Find Them

    1. The pendants came out so good! Then, the best thing was… Irene sent me a LARGE piece of calcite. You can bet that will be by my bed every night! Thanks so much, Annette. ❤

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    1. Erika, did you see the huge calcite stone that Irene sent me also? I was so excited. The green calcite is good for the heart chakra. All part of the magic of the novel. I just uploaded the final CreateSpace copy of the book today. Whew! The formatting is ugly! LOL! I hope you stop by Irene’s blog and tell her you love the necklaces. They are so affordable too. Thanks and Happy New Year my sweet friend. ❤

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      1. I have some of her stones which spoke to me immediately and they truly help me. That calcite stone sounds very powerful and I need to get back to it when I have some more time. At the moment I am in contact with Irene because of my new project. Will be posting about it in about 10 days once everything is set up.
        Oh my, that formatting was the biggest challenge for me. When you change one little thing everything can be different all of a sudden. And what worked before doesn’t need to still work… really a pain! I am glad you made it… yay!

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        1. OHHH… I can’t wait to hear what you guys are up to. I kept the large calcite pendant for myself. I want to know more about the gems and how they can help to empower us as empaths. I am so excited for you and Irene. Oh, boy… that formatting. I cried and threw a fit a couple of times. LOL! Can’t keep that frustration inside me! Keep me posted on what you are doing. I will need guest posts for my Mindful Monday on my other blog, A Mindful Journey. 😉 ❤

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          1. Believe me, I was exactly the same and will be the next time… haha! It can drive us nuts when things don’t work which are supposed to work and we don’t understand why! I will keep you posted for sure, Colleen. I might be ready by the end of next week… at least I hope so… lol! I could imagine that it fits your Mindful Monday very well 😉💖

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          2. I got my CreateSpace upload done today and the paperback version is published today! Now if I can figure out how the kindle version happens, I’m in there! LOL! ❤

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          3. Oh, well! Take your time! It is a completely different formatting challenge. All in one! So take your time! Don’t get frustrated if it doesn’t work out right away and know that we all struggled but we also got it done! 💖

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          4. It’s there on Amazon. That’s fine. The Kindle version shows up in a few days, just as I thought. What a great day today is! ❤

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          5. I agree. I hope everyone loves the story. Those who have read it really liked it. It is heavy with teenage emotions! LOL! ❤

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          6. Yay!!! All at this side of the year meanwhile! A happy and successful one for you, Colleen! I saw you emailed me. Thank you so much! I will get to it as soon as possible and I will let you know 💖

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    1. Oh, I hope you do. Irene’s work is exquisite and the prices are totally affordable. You will be so pleased… wait until you read my book and learn the meaning of the pendant… ❤


  1. They look gorgeous and they’d make great presents for giveaways if you’re planning any… Exciting about the story. (I can only manage the format for the digital version and use Draft2Digital to submit to other places and to Create Space, as they don’t have any stringent requirements, other than the cover). Good luck!

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    1. LOL! Oh, there was a bit of screaming and pacing on my part until I got it. The spacing is a bit off but it will be fine. What a pain. I will have to check out Draft 2Digit. I have thought about a giveaway. The jewelry is impressive! ❤


    1. Thank you, Viva. My granddaughters are so excited about the book and pendants. Happy New Year. ❤


    1. Thanks, Michelle. I figured kids could relate to it. My granddaughters can’t wait to get their pendants! It is so great having you back! ❤

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