Happy Friday! Here I am again for my Tanka challenge, I kept the prompt words of “peace and spirit.” Both words have many connotations and can change the meaning of your Tanka poetry in many ways. By the way, please link your Tanka to my post found here.

The amber-haired girl –

heir to the green fairy stone

leads the Naiad nymphs

while her spirit burns brightly

peace descends upon the swamp.

©Colleen M. Chesebro

Video credit: Eloise De Sousa

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19 thoughts on “The Amber-Haired Girl – A Tanka

    1. OH, thank you. I really had a hard time with my own words this week! I bet everyone will be glad when my book is finally published so I’ll write about something else! LOL! ❤

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  1. Colleen, I’m thrilled to have discovered your blog (because of your follow). I feel like I’ve just walked into to a magical department store, and I don’t know which direction to go first. Beautiful blog!

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