When the Red Bird Sings

When the red bird sings,

a soul wings to the heavens,

watching all below.

©Colleen M. Chesebro

Photo: courtesy of Pixabay.com



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23 thoughts on “When the Red Bird Sings”

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  2. Colleen, a lovely poem. Is it based on some folklore? Also I tried your link for the monthly newsletter and it came up as a missing page.

    1. Oh no. I will have to see what happened. Actually the Haiku is about my sister. When she passed away we saw a cardinal at her funeral. It was her favorite bird. ❤️

      1. And I yours…there are so many adventures in this blog world … so hard to do and read it all…for the next two months I ‘ll have dog rehab added to my to do list as our little Ella just had knee surgery.

    1. I did, Marje. I figure if our readers want to find us, they will Google our name. This made it easier. I am not going to have two blogs though. This will be my author blog and regular blog. <3 I am thinking about doing a landing page about the books. Then the reader clicks the blog link and they can read the posts… I'm not sure yet.

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