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writersworkshop | INTRODUCTION

Hello! I have exciting news. I’ve joined the team with Yecheilyah Ysrayl and Literary Korner Publishing to become part of her brainchild called the Writers Workshop. Check out the mission of this workshop:

“The workshop is designed to foster a comprehensive understanding of Self-Publishing concepts and possibilities; impart practical development skills; assist in basic social media marketing and book promotion, and point out the important role self-publishers play in the book publishing business today. Such an understanding is valuable for amateur writers, writers who are technologically deficient, and entrepreneurs. This workshop utilizes a variety of resources to assist in this understanding from Indie Author News to over 30 different sources for book cover design.”

Please visit this exciting new opportunity for Indy authors and join us. ❤ Click the highlighted link at the bottom of the page and take a look around.

Source: writersworkshop | INTRODUCTION

24 thoughts on “writersworkshop | INTRODUCTION”

        1. WOO HOO! I am so excited. E.C. is an amazing teacher and author. We should learn tons and be able to move forward easily. For example… I spent quite a time trying to figure out how to set up my Word document for an ebook. We will have access to all that and more. I’ll see you there, Terri! Hugs. ❤

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