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Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 11 – Game Birds

I just stumbled upon this challenge sponsored by Elsie in New Zealand, on her blog, Ramblings of a Writer! How exciting. Since I’ve started my own Tanka Challenge how could I resist? You can never have too many Haiku or Tanka Challenges for me. ❤

Her requirements are to make the Tanka about game birds. I call this:

“The Grouse”

The Greater Sage Grouse

feathers spread out in glory,

challenging his foe

to a duel of virtue

fighting to acquire the girl.


Thanks for the invitation, Elsie. See you next week!

24 thoughts on “Weekly Tanka Prompt Challenge – Week 11 – Game Birds”

  1. Love it, Thanks for joining in on the challenge. Soon everyone will know what an English Tanka poem is.
    I have had many comments like they have never heard of that word even Grammarly does accept that word.
    Cheers to Tanka Poetry.

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  2. Very nice, Colleen. Some day I just might be able to participate in a challenge of this type. Not the game bird challenge, but maybe something else. Happy Autumn my friend.

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    1. Hello, Angie! Stay tuned. On Tuesday, I am hosting my first Tanka Tuesday. You might like it! ❤️🍁 Happy autumn! 💖

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      1. I don’t spend a lot of time on the computer lately, Colleen. My eyes are going and there are a lot of other things I would rather be looking at than a computer screen for now.

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        1. Yes. You would have to look at the blog, Ramblings of a Writer. I linked to her page. Click the link on my post. Then go to the comments section. You will find all the other poets who linked to her challenge. ❤


    1. Hi, Jacqueline. I just found you in my spam? I love this Tanka. Hope to see you tomorrow. ❤


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