#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Autumn”

Hey, EVERYBODY! It’s that time again! Time to join in the “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge,” co-sponsored with Ronovan Hester of Ronovan Writes, right here on silverthreading.com and myself, Silver Threading!

Please use #WQWWC on your post so when we share to Twitter we can retweet you and spread the inspiration.

Welcome!  This is an open invitation to join in on our blogging event called the “Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge!

Ronovan and I are really enjoying all the creativity that has been blossoming from this challenge. There have been fascinating science fiction stories, poetry, and even a song or two!


If you like the OLD Writers Quote Wednesday where you selected a quote and talked about the author of the quote you CAN still do that. The quotes are a pathway to find inspiration in your writing. You can write whatever you would like as long as you include your quote with your piece. You can write poetry, music, share songs, write flash fiction…


This is your chance to highlight your favorite author’s quotes that give inspiration to you as a writer. Do you feel like your writing is getting stale? Are you looking for inspiration to keep writing? Then you have come to the right spot!

Each week we will include a theme for anyone who needs additional inspiration. You don’t have to follow our theme if you don’t want to. It is optional.

You have from this Wednesday until the following Tuesday to participate!

In fact, Ronovan and I alternate each week with a themed prompt post written on Silver Threading. This will give you a different perspective weekly to keep your inspiration flowing.

Here is the link to last week’s post from Ronovan.

IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR BLOGS TO FOLLOW… I have included the entries from last week with the theme of “Miracles” (Please click on their name to visit their blog to read their contribution) (It’s cool when I can just copy the pingbacks :D)

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I loved all your quotes about comedy! We need more of that in our world today!

This is my week, and Ronovan will be back next week to share his theme with you.


So what do you do?

You can use FotoflexerPicmonkey, or Canva.com, or any other program that you wish to make your own images. Click the links to go to the programs.


I know I’m early, and I can’t help it. I am a hopeless romantic! There is something about autumn that speaks to me. I’m not sure if it is the striking colors or the coolness of the season, but I am sucked in every year! The Stanley Horowitz quote above, says it perfectly.

I share with you –

“An Autumn Day”

Dawn begins with

crisp autumn mornings and

dew sparkled grasses

           steam rising

            from the morass swirling –

like thoughts in a cluttered mind.

The afternoon wears a bright blue mantle

on shoulders

reflecting sunlight into cloudless skies.

Leaves with the glowing colors of

amber, red, and ginger orange

spread forth upon the verdant pasture

jewels in a crown for the season.

The late afternoon sun slips

into muted silhouettes

and a misty coolness creeps

into the lateness of the day.

An invitation is sent

to warm our hands and hearts

near cheery bonfire flames.

At dusk, the doves call

their last goodbyes

to the gathering darkness

that swells in the meadow.

Twilight settles

enfolding the shadows

into the blackness

of the night.

Behold the beauty

of an

autumn day.

Are you ready for the best time of the year? Write about it and share your thoughts. Be inspired and share your greatness with us!


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