#WQWWC Theme is “Comedy”! Cathartic or Tragic? Yes.

It’s Wednesday and it’s time for a challenge! And of course since this post looks odd that means it’s Ronovan talking. This week I was dared to use Sensuous as the theme but all the quotes I could find were less than appropriate, although oddly enough I could apply all of them to my desire for food. I may need to speak to my therapist about that one.

Check out all the entries for last week’s theme of Strength by clicking HERE and visiting the comments for the links.

Anyway, this week the theme will be . . .


Has it been used before? I don’t know. Does it matter? No it doesn’t. Two years ago I wrote an article on my site RonovanWrites.WordPress.com titled I am a Robin Williams. The outward signs of joy, humor, the life of the party with wit abounding. Inside I hated existing. Thoughts like that still come to mind but as I like to say, “As long as I am aware of the fact I am having a problem, them I’m good.” That works for me, but not everyone. It also helps that I write novels. I can take out frustrations there or live out fantasies.

Now for my quotes, and they are most appropriate:

“Comedy can be a cathartic way to deal with personal trauma.” Robin Williams
“Life is a tragedy when seen in close-up, but a comedy in long-shot.” Charlie Chaplin
Arguably two of the greatest comedic actors ever with some similar thoughts. It’s often said that out of tragedy comes the greatest comedians. I’m not sure I’ve read about a comedian that had a great life all the way through, and rarely a great beginning at all.
Much Love and Much Respect

22 thoughts on “#WQWWC Theme is “Comedy”! Cathartic or Tragic? Yes.

  1. Great quotes Colleen the tragedy behind the smiles… Tommy Cooper, Benny Hill, Laurel and Hardy and now I’m thinking there are many plagued by the black dog. And thank you as usual for prompting me back… 😇

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  2. So sorry for the Gaff I read that it was you Ronavan and haven’t a clue why I called you Colleen? *slaps head* Forgive me … But thank you both for your prompts. “Comedy” i will be back *scratches chin*😇

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  3. Hi Ron! I think most people that suffer from depression use comedy to cope which is why I have a tender spot in my heart for funny people. On the other hand, I know not all funny, witty people are sad inside. I love both quotes. I’m happy you have your writing talent. ❤ xx

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  4. I don’t know if I’m doing it right, but I made this. I guess I wasn’t doing it right, because I didn’t mention any quotes–sorry! Perhaps my reading comprehension skills ain’t what I’d like to believe they are. :/
    You can read it anyway if you like. Or delete this post if it doesn’t pass muster.
    If the comment even goes through. WordPress likes to send comments with links to the eternal limbo of Spam.

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