Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Theme-“Miracle” #WQWWC

Sup Y’all. It’s me . . . Ronovan. This week I’ve come up with the theme of the week. It’s a miracle we keep doing it and haven’t failed to grabbed something out of thin air. It’s tougher than you think.

If you missed out on reading last week’s entries for the theme of Innocence, click here to go there. And if you are a participant you really should be visiting all your fellow entrants.


It’s easy to join in:

  • Find a quote you like that goes with the theme of the week.
  • Use that quote either in or as the title of some form of writing such as a flash fiction piece, poem, or pretty much anything as long as you include the quote and make sure to note who said it.
  • Then do a Ping Back or paste your URL into the comments of this post so we can all visit you.

This weeks theme is:




“It’s a miracle that curiosity survives formal education.” Albert Einstein (Google him. There is too much to sum up in a few words.)

Having been a teacher and in the education system for a number of years, I get what Albert was talking about. At least I have a thought about it. The amazing thing is this quote was from so long ago but applies to today so well.

These days students are taught to pass standardized tests. It’s not the fault of a teacher but of the system. Some teachers can still be creative in their approach but in some areas it’s just not that easy. A child isn’t allowed to wonder about something, there is no time given to it. The child is told this is it so just go with it. What Albert feared was the lack of creativity as generations continued. What great things have been missed out on because students are pigeon holed into having to think a certain way? I taught history. If you’ve ever done that you know a big part of history is teaching the wars. What happened around them. That’s what standardized tests are mostly geared to. That’s not how I liked to teach. I liked to link everything together, like a story, so students could understand and retain information. Who read Harry Potter 10 years ago and still remembers most of the story? Think about WWI and what do you remember about that?

Don’t let the world stifle creativity. Encourage your children to think for themselves and ask questions.


See you in the comments!


Remember, Colleen and I alternate weeks here on her blog hosting the challenge.

24 thoughts on “Writer’s Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge Theme-“Miracle” #WQWWC

  1. Great quote Ron and you are right, we do need to encourage the children to think for themselves and not just accept everything they are told. I would have loved to have had a teacher like you at school, someone that wanted to make learning fun.:-)


  2. That is a great Einstein quote. Nice choice of theme this week, Ronovan!

    P.S. Colleen – look the new look of the blog. The warm tones make me feel like I’m reading a leather-bound book near a fireplace ^_^


    1. OH, Jade. What a sweet thing to say. I am an orange person! As I move closer to publishing my book, I want people to come to my site and know they are welcome, and to feel the warmth of the fairy nymphs I write about. What a compliment! Thank you so much! ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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