Trying to Stay Sleek – A Haiku

The RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #108 prompt words for this week are “Sizzle & Sleek.” Ohhh… those are perfect for August 1st. Wait! Is it August already? Where did all the time go? How can the summer be flying by so quickly?

Summer brings its own share of eating challenges for me every year. It is so hard to turn down, steak, salmon, potato salad… And the desserts! Oh, my goodness! I refuse to do it! Instead, I try to stay within my Weight Watchers points and enjoy the amazing bounty of summer.

Happy dog days of summer! Here in Colorado, the kids in my school district have gone back to school. The neighborhood is strangely quiet. I am back at editing. Have a great day everyone!

17 thoughts on “Trying to Stay Sleek – A Haiku”

    1. This was a picture from Florida. That was an awesome steak and I think, it was halibut that time. That is the only thing I miss about Florida. The seafood! Loving this Colorado weather! 😀 Hugs, Van!

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    1. Agreed. Steak is a treat. Fruits and vegetables are my mainstays. Yummy! ❤️


  1. Great haiku Colleen. If you have a dog to share with thats a few less pounds!! We used yo have a dog that could pinch a sausage off the BBQ . not get burnt and not get seen.

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  2. Ah! Memories of sizzling steak. That’s one thing about moving into an apartment that I miss; enjoying backyard BBQ on a sizzling, hot day. 🙂

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  3. Ha, ha! Love it! Well, food on the barbecue is much healthier than on the frying pan that’s for sure. 😉 Summer is going by very quickly. In Florida kids still have a couple more weeks of summer vacay. Good one my friend! 😀 xx

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