A Mother’s Day Lament

A secret has been mine forever to keep

In a deep dark void a place of no sleep,

I bury the longing for my mother’s love

She left me quite early and ascended above.


I stumbled through life without her touch

Wondering and yearning if I resembled her face,

Hoping and wishing she’d help me find my place

Always longing for my mother’s love.


My own children have come and gone

Left me for their own dreams in the sun,

I find through the years the ache is still there –

I still long for the touch of my mother’s love.


Mother’s Day is a celebration of the love between mothers and their children. It is also a time when we must remember those who never knew their mothers or those who have never had children. Their pain is real and never goes away. Instead, it dulls and remains a hungering ache to surface at certain days of the year.

I send you peace and love.

24 thoughts on “A Mother’s Day Lament”

  1. Thank you, Lady Lee. ❤ Same to you. Aside from my own children, I have been a mother to many children from other mothers, dogs, cats, birds… A mother's love knows no boundaries. ❤

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  2. I wish you great joy of this Mother’s Day Colleen. I’m sure your own mother had watched over you many times and sent you happiness.
    xxx Sending you Massive Hugs xxx

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    1. Thank you for your kind words, David! You have filled me with joy! Hugs back to you! 💖💖💖

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  3. Thank you, Michelle. I never knew my mother. Sometimes, I find the enormity of that fact overwhelms me. ❤


    1. Thank you, KL! I had a marvelous day of writing! My husband spoiled me with a fabulous dinner! ❤️💐

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