Awaiting Spring – A Haiku


The RonovanWrites #Weekly #Haiku #Poetry Prompt #Challenge #94 words are: “Diamonds & Pearls.”

The poetic opportunities presented by these two words are endless. The most logical assumption is that “diamonds and pearls” are a girl’s best friend! At least we can all hope.

For me, it is really hard not to link these words without a romantic notion slipping into my thoughts. Instead, I will concentrate on the arrival of spring to the Rocky Mountains. It has to be coming soon… I am told the magic day is Mother’s Day!

On my daily walk today with Sugar and Spice, I felt the cold fingers of the north wind blowing down from the towering mountains into the plains far below. I shivered and watched as black clouds billowed and formed taking turns hiding the sun. I can tell rain is coming, and that is a good thing.

Colorado Spring Time

Snow diamonds gleam –

beneath the pearly moonbeams,

spring still has not sprung.

Happy Day

Silver is still waiting for spring!

26 thoughts on “Awaiting Spring – A Haiku”

  1. I may shudder and hide from composing a Haiku but I do appreciate a good one… and this is. I love snowdrops mine have all gone, but today it feels as if snow could still come; as we wake to a dusting of white. 😇

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    1. LOL. Possibility of 6 to 12 inches for us through Friday night. The thing with spring is that the snow is wet and heavy. At least it melts quickly! 😊


    1. Lucky girl! They are predicting 6 – 12 inches of snow for us. I want spring to come! 😉⛄️


      1. Oh dear, oh dear. There are definitely times when trading the heat and humidity of the North Carolina summers for the seemingly everlasting winters is worth it!

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        1. We moved here from North Florida. I was miserable in the heat and humidity. At least the storms blow through quickly. Our summers are bearable here. 😉💐


    1. Thanks Annette! The mountain and meadow fairies are still in their warm furs. It’s coming… Soon! 😊💗

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  2. Wonderful haiku and such a beautiful image, Colleen. ❤ I feel for you. The weather here is still cool and spring is tentative. Fingers crossed. No more snow!

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    1. Thanks, Olga. We had a storm blow through yesterday. It dumped about 10 inches of the wet stuff on us. By next weekend we will be in the 70’s! 😀 Such is spring in Colorado. Here’s to hoping Spring greets us both, soon! ❤

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