Silver’s Birthday TEA Party


Hello, and good day! Welcome to my birthday tea party! Much like the weekend coffee sharing event from Part-Time Monster, my monthly tea party is where I want to catch up with friends, old and new! This is also a way for me to introduce you to some great new blogs and people that I have virtually met along the way! In addition, I want to share my great love of tea, and all things TEA!

April is a special month for me. My oldest granddaughter was born on April 14th, and our 31st wedding anniversary is on April 16th! The main event, of course, is my birthday on April 18th! WOO-HOO!

Silvers Beddian Birthday

In fact, today, I am celebrating my Beddian Birthday! That means I was born in 1958 and am celebrating my 58th birthday! I found out about this rare phenomenon from my friend, Mark Bialczak on his blog last year when he turned 57… Yup, you got it! He was born in 1957!

Click here to see all the people born in 1958! Wow, I was born in the same year with some great company!

The day on which you turn the same age as the last two digits in your birth year is called your Beddian birthday. It is named for Bobby Beddia, a New York City firefighter who first came up with the idea. If you want to more about how this birthday is figured you can check out Clay Thompson, an Arizona Republic Columnist who wrote a great piece about the different birthday celebrations we can have.

Mark Bialczak shares the origination of this birthday name and I have quoted his writing from his blog post here:

“A Nov. 12, 2007, piece in the New Yorker by Lizzie Whiddicombe chronicled a visit to a New York City firehouse in which mathematician Rhonda Roland Shearer met a firefighter who said he was quite lucky because, at age 53 and born in 1953, he was quite lucky to be living in his birth year.

Whiddicombe caught Shearer’s enthusiasm at seeing “a mathematician’s look of wonder” on the firefighter’s face and noted how she immediately made plans to work on his theorem.

Tragically, unbelievably, sadly, Beddia was killed fighting a fire later that day.

But Shearer kept working on his notion, and finally, the idea got to math writer Barry Cipra, of Minnesota. He found that nobody had ever officially noted the age-birth year match, so he wrote a paper on the only-in-odd-year occurrence and called it the Beddian Birthday.”

Birthday cake!

So, come on! Let’s celebrate! I GOT cake! 😀

2016-04-15 11.45.23

And a Grandbaby Surprise! This is Arianna. ❤

Since I last talked with all of you in March, I have been busy! My Swamp Fairy story is coming along nicely and I am on the push to get it done! This is a short tea party this month since I have so much celebrating to do.

My friend, Erika Kind has graciously accepted my invitation to share her experiences with Matrix-Transformation. I really enjoy Erika’s work and how she tries to enrich the lives of everyone around her.


Thank you very much for inviting me to your tea-party today, Colleen. I am excited to share some information about my work with Matrix-Transformation and to explain what it is about.

I am convinced that a changed attitude to life can change its quality and the resulting manifestations within life. I experienced that myself when I transformed my life in changing my perspective. The matrix method enables a faster, more gentle, and straight transformation. It can literally adjust a different reality version. I am working with that Technique for two years and the results are truly stunning.


What is Matrix-Transformation?

The method of consciously directing your reality is based on the teachings of Dr. Richard Bartlett (Matrix Energetics), Dr. Frank Kinslow (Quantum Physics) and Ulrich Kieslich (Matrix Transformation).

matrix transformation

The matrix, which our life is part of, is an interactive and currently interacting energy field. Every life is connected with each other life. The variety of reality variations is stored within this matrix too. That means everything that was, is, and will be – simply every possibility – is embedded.

In the personal matrix, we can find information about the physical body, our past, our belief system, our emotions, desires, thoughts, and even the soul itself.

Depending on our state of consciousness and the energy which radiates from it, we connect naturally with the same energy of one of the reality versions. The decision to perceive something differently is the conscious way of choosing a different reality version. The old reality collapses and new possibility is starting to manifest immediately. This new reality can be activated within seconds.

mind expansion

The method can be applied for all possible parts of life: blocking belief system, past trauma, systemic complexities, interpersonal entanglements, mental and physical problems,… The old realities can be solved and positive attributes can be integrated and intensified. Subjective problems, blocks, and fears can be discarded.

How does a treatment work?

First, the procedure is explained to the client. The therapist is constructively discussing, what the client wants to have changed, dissolved or intensified. Questions are clarified.

The process itself only takes a few seconds. The client has to focus on their subjects while the therapist activates the “switch” for the desired change. The effect can be felt like an energy wave which literally blows them off their feet. That’s why they have to stand in front of a couch. But most of all the feeling for the subject or situation has changed since a new reality version already exchanged the old one and starts to manifest. The memory of the old reality is still there but the perspective and the priority has changed dramatically.

Matrix training

The woman in the black T-shirt is the client and there are a chair and person behind her to catch her fall.

I want to point out that this experience requires much trust in the therapist. There must never be manipulations with third parties or any brainwashing. It is the responsibility of the therapist to protect the well-being of the client. The therapist must deny a treatment when realizing the low virtues of the client. The treatment is meant to help the client work things out faster.

I believe that here the basic programming of our soul’s plan cannot be manipulated. It only works when it is meant to be for the client. Otherwise, it either won’t work out or the effect will not endure. That’s why it basically cannot go wrong because whatever way we choose to reach our goals and destinations in life we will get there either way.

The Matrix-Technique is only another vehicle to get there more effective. The client still needs to take the responsibility for his life. Because when changes happen (with or without the Matrix-Technique) the client has to deal with those changes and consequences.



Hi, I am Erika! I was born in Vienna but grew up in another part of Austria and in the Principality of Liechtenstein (within the Swiss alps) where I still live.  I am running a Practice for Aromatherapy and Self-Development. I am a singer and an author.

For a long time, I was dominated and controlled by fears and outside influences.  From teenage times to adulthood my life was overshadowed by destructive thought patterns. One day I stood up and started to face my fears one by one. My life changed completely.  Today I grab my chances and lead the life I always wished for. In order to share my wonderful insights I wrote I’m Free – Awareness of Who You Are by Discovering Who You Are Not!

When I started blogging in May 2014 I had no idea what this was about. I did it in order to promote my book and was trained therefore by my publisher. After 10 months of increasing and intensifying interactions, of finding dear friends all over the world, and so much love everywhere I changed again and so did my blog changed. It got so much more personal and has developed to a blog from soul to soul. It has become a place for everyone to pause for a moment, to lighten up the heart, to smile, to get inspired, and to fuel with good vibes.

We are all wonderful beings who came into this world in order to explore, discover, experience, create and simply enjoy the lifetime in a human body with all senses. I want you to open your heart in order to hear, see, and feel clearer about yourself, your life, and the world. Therefore, we need the happenings in our lives as signposts and tools. It is neither good nor bad – it simply is. Whatever happens has its reason in order to show us something or make us develop something. Life is simply all about living with everything it has in store for us.

I am not sitting on a cloud with an enlightened smile on my face all day long. I can be angry, stubborn, impatient, sad, and frustrated as well. But I know that these are characteristics which are part of my experience but not part of me. I am profoundly happy as a basic condition of my being. Therefore, I don’t deny negative feelings because I know that they will show me something in order to discover a new part of myself.

Reach out for the stars but only as high as your feet still touch the ground!

In Love and Light!

Stop by and visit with Erika. I know she will love it! Here’s where you can find Erika:

Silver needs her tea

While I am drinking tea by the gallons, please take the time to check out my friend Andrew Joyce’s book, Resolution. Here is the amazon link to the book that has just been released!


It is 1896 in the Yukon Territory, Canada. The largest gold strike in the annals of human history has just been made; however, word of the discovery will not reach the outside world for another year.

By happenstance, a fifty-nine-year-old Huck Finn and his lady friend, Molly Lee, are on hand, but they are not interested in gold. They have come to that neck of the woods seeking adventure.

Someone should have warned them, “Be careful what you wish for.”

When disaster strikes, they volunteer to save the day by making an arduous six hundred mile journey by dog sled in the depths of a Yukon winter. They race against time, nature, and man. With the temperature hovering around seventy degrees below zero, they must fight every day if they are to live to see the next.

On the frozen trail, they are put upon by murderers, hungry wolves, and hostile Indians, but those adversaries have nothing over the weather. At seventy below, your spit freezes a foot from your face. Your cheeks burn—your skin turns purple and black as it dies from the cold. You are in constant danger of losing fingers and toes to frostbite.

It is into this world that Huck and Molly race.

They cannot stop. They cannot turn back. They can only go on. Lives hang in the balance—including theirs.

You can find Andrew lurking around here at the following links:

Andrew Joyce’s Molly Lee

Danny on Facebook

Andrew on Facebook

Andrew’s Web Site

Thanks so much for dropping by to celebrate my birthday with me. I hoped you liked your tea and cake. I know I enjoyed our tea immensely and hope you come back next month! Meanwhile, we have to dig out of this blizzard!

Silver's snowed in!


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