#WQWWC – Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge – “Laughter”

writers quote wednesday writing challenge

Hi, everybody! It’s that time again! Time to get your quote selected so you can come up with a creative story, poem, or whatever else you would like to share about your quote.

Ronovan is in charge this week and he chose the theme of:



Please make sure to link to Ronovan’s post HERE. Here is my contribution for this week on the theme of “laughter.” I wrote a short story called:


It was fun being grandparents, and Shelly and Morgan Johnson loved spending time with their grandchildren. As the years advanced they realized the “grands,” as they liked to refer to them, seemed to grow quicker than their own children had. Every time they turned around another “grand” had a birthday. Months slipped into years and now most of the “grands” were in high school. Where did the time go they both wondered?

The years had been fairly kind to Shelly and Morgan. There had been many visits to their children and the “grands” through the years that filled their hearts with joy. Each of their three children had given them two grandchildren. As far as the Johnson’s were concerned they were totally blessed! Life seemed to stretch on before them each day filled with all the possibilities life had to offer.

However, for the last week, Morgan had been in the hospital while the doctors tested him for everything and anything. It seemed that as the years had flown by so had Morgan’s memory. He was forgetting more and more things. Shelly was worried and stayed by his side the whole time. The hospital stay stretched on into eternity, interrupted only by telephone calls from their kids and grandkids checking on Morgan’s status. Shelly sat patiently in the chair next to Morgan’s bed knitting and fetching him drinks, ready to do anything to make him more comfortable.

By Thursday, Morgan was sick of all the tests and especially his doctors! He was cranky and refused his evening walk around the seventh floor of the hospital. Shelly made him a nice cup of tea and decided that she had to get him out of his terrible mood. She knew the one trick that worked every time!

“Morgan, do you remember when we visited Lisa and David in Washington? Remember Stephanie and Jacob were just little kids then?”

“I do,” smiled Morgan sitting on the edge of his bed. “That’s the time I was teaching Stephanie and Jacob about basketball. Let’s see, Miami and Chicago were playing.”

“That’s right,” said Shelly. “Every time one of the teams scored the kids would clap their hands and say, Yeah, basketball!”

Morgan got a wistful look on his face. “I miss the kids when they were little,” he said. “Everything was so new to them. It was so much fun being part of their lives watching them grow and change.”

Shelly recognized the morose tone hidden in Morgan’s reverie. “Well, do you remember the rest of the story?” she probed.

Her plan worked and Morgan grew occupied pondering his distant memories. “Let’s see. I was explaining to Stephanie about the paint and what that meant on the basketball court.” Morgan rubbed his forehead struggling with his thoughts.

“That’s right,” Shelly encouraged. “What happened next?” she asked him gently.

Morgan concentrated on his recollection of the events that had happened year’s ago. “Oh, yeah. I was explaining to Stephanie about the different teams. I had her repeat after me: ‘the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat.’ She was only about four years old then. She called them the ‘Chicago Bulls and ‘Your-ami Heat!”

Shelly waited for it. Morgan’s deep bellow of laughter bubbled out and he hooted in glee! It was a wonderful sound. Morgan’s laughter made both of them laugh even harder and Shelly snorted as tears of joy rolled down her cheeks.

“I thought Stephanie was the most clever child!” said Morgan wiping tears from the corner of his eyes. “I could not get her to understand that they were the Miami Heat. She thought they were the Your-ami Heat because I had said the name.”

Shelly grabbed Morgan’s big hands in her own. “I love hearing you laugh, Morgan. Your laughter heals my soul.”


Morgan leaned over and kissed Shelly gently on the lips. “Shell, laughter is cheap medicine. Please don’t let me forget how to laugh.”

“I won’t,” murmured Shelly as she hugged Morgan gently caressing his back. Tears glistened in her eyes.

“Now. What were we talking about?” asked Morgan with a huge grin on his face.


I hope you enjoyed my story. Thanks for stopping by. I’ll see you next week when it is my turn to host the Writers Quote Wednesday Writing Challenge.



  1. Cute story and Laughter really is the best medicine!! Thanks for the post. Don’t know if you read mine from today, but I wrote about laughter near the end and how I needed it and here you gave it to me 🙂 Good timing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I didn’t want the story to end Colleen, please write another one. I laughed too and then became sad that he forgot again and happy again that he had that moment. One of the many reasons you keep getting my hugs, Colleen! ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Awww, Francis. You do my heart well. I made up the story but used an actual incident with our own granddaughter. She really did say Your-ami! ❤️

      Liked by 1 person

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