Watch the eyes…

K.L. Caley shares a great way to write a short story… USE a writer’s quote as your inspiration! What an excellent idea! This is a MUST read! ❤


“Dolls turn malignant late at night. They stare at you with those glassy eyes. I won’t say they are plotting, but I can’t say they aren’t.” – Stephen King

Jessica rolled over and stared at the curtains, but that didn’t help, now she couldn’t see where they were looking or what they were doing. Giving up she turned back over. Had they moved again? She wasn’t sure, but she thought they might have. Her sister was in the next room, she could go wake her, but that would involve another discussion of how 16-year-olds should not be afraid of dolls, a discussion she would rather not have again. Jessica had suggested to her mother that they get rid of them and her mother had been horrified, the dolls had been a gift from her grandma, how could she want rid of them?

Giving up Jessica got up, turned the light…

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  1. I have an old doll I found at an auction. One of my girls hated that doll when she was younger -always claiming she was evil. Funny how something once so wonderful can lose its beauty and turning into something frightening. Reminds me of my self.

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    1. I always thought dolls and puppets for that matter were strange entities. Some people are more sensitive to those vibrations than others. This was a good story though! 😀

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    1. That is partly what inspired the change in the quote challenge. Thank goodness Ronovan stayed on. Makes it a fun and creative challenge! 😀 ❤

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  2. Well Jessica, don’t be embarrassed, the eyes of some dolls creeped me out when I was in my thirties! I used to keep it in the next room when I went to sleep. 🙂 the advantage a thirty years old have over a sixteen year old! We decide what stays in our bedroom!

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