Writing Tips for Creating a Complex Villain | Writing Forward

Looking for ideas to make your villain a memorable character? READ this! ❤

How many fiction writing exercises ask you to take normal, everyday people and turn them into raging villains? Well, this one does just that.

Source: Writing Tips for Creating a Complex Villain | Writing Forward

18 thoughts on “Writing Tips for Creating a Complex Villain | Writing Forward

      1. Have you ever read any of his stuff and how he talks about me? His whole narrative (schick?) is what an idiot I am. I must admit . . . I’m not the brightest guy around, but jeez, give me a break, Danny.

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          1. What a great interview Andrew. I had to reblog it! Too cute! I can tell Danny is quite the handful! 😀


          2. I must admit that Danny is the brains of the outfit. And everyone loves him. So I just go along. By the way, Danny has commanded me (he does that a lot) to offer our services on occasion. We would love to write a piece now and then for your wonderful blog. But I must insist that by name comes first in the billing. And a larger font than Danny’s wouldn’t be so bad either.

            Oh, here he comes. I gotta go!

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          3. I would love that Andrew! I do a kind of girly post called Silver’s Tea Party. I like to highlight authors and bloggers who really matter to me. I want to do one on St. Patrick’s Day. Any chance you can think of something fun to write about? That would be on 3/17/16. Let me know if you are interested.


          4. If anyone is girly it’s me. No wait, that’s not right. What I meant to say is that I like girls and Danny adores females. And seeing as how we’re both of Irish extraction, we should be able to come up with something for you. Will tomorrow be soon enough? Just kidding. I just finished my latest masterpiece and I’m waiting for my sloth-like editors to get a draft back to me. So, seeing as how we have no TV and cannot keep up with the Kardashians, we’ll be able to knock something out for you. That is if Danny and I can agree on a subject. Thanks for inviting us.

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          5. That is perfect. I am going to do a piece on Irish tea… I know, it is a tea party. You will both be welcome and fun guests! Make sure to include your links for your books and such. Thanks. It will be fun!


          6. You’ll probably have to pour me into a seat to regale your guests with my pithy anecdotes. It will be Saint Paddy’s Day afterall. Please have plenty of beer on hand. Guinness, of course. See ya then!!! This is Andrew I’m using Danny’s account because for some reasons the gods will not allow me to post as myself. Speak of karma!!!

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