Celestial Gifts

The blood moon eclipse –

absolve your ancient burdens,

as new rewards flow.


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25 thoughts on “Celestial Gifts”

        1. LOL! The moon girl! A sensitive! I have a Leo daughter, a Virgo daughter, and a Cancer son. My two step daughter’s are a Leo and a Cancer too. My salvation was my Aquarius husband! LOL! 💗

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  1. Fantastic image of the eclipse last night. You were lucky to have a clear night. Here in Southern Australia we are being advised the effects will not be spectacular tonight.

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    1. Oh, this is a free photo. It rained for the first time in months! I never saw it. 😕🌕


  2. I was going to say Colleen got the picture until I read the comment above. But the picture is beautiful nonetheless. And i missed checking out for the moon cos I was really tired.

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    1. Oh how exciting! Photo is from Pixabay.com free photos. We got 5 inches of rain! Thank you. 💗😯


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