Interview – Colleen Chesebro

I know I am blowing my own horn here, but I am so excited to be part of the Felan-ezine. Please check out this site and all the marvelous work these poets, artists, and photographers did! Thanks. <3

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36 thoughts on “Interview – Colleen Chesebro”

    1. Erika, thanks so much. I found it hard to talk about myself. I had to write that a couple of times. I am just so excited to be part of the e-magazine. You should enter some of your poetry in the next edition. I think the theme is “fear.” <3

      1. Oh, Wow. Yes definitely an interesting theme! You did great!!! I know it is not funny (in the beginning…lol) to talk about yourself. But how else shall people know something about you 😀

        1. I know. I realized if I was going to be a published author I had to talk about myself in a way that would make people want to know me and my work. At least, that is what I hope I did, LOL!

  1. ” I love writing with my computer and keyboard. The words flow from my fingertips in an almost stream of consciousness type of writing. I feel that I am more creative because I can type fast. I write much slower and that seems to impede my choice of words. ”

    You are like me lool. Let me summarise

    “Write with heart. Edit with pain.” 😛

    Well even I am not the native but I love English. :)) Right now I practice the cursive writing (embarrassed lol) but the reason is that I don’t want to lift my hand when i write … wanna write fast too. ; ))

    1. Good for you, Jade. Cursive writing is a gift. I was always told educated people have beautiful penmanship. Old fashioned ideas, now. American children are printing, not cursive writing. Such a sad thing. You keep practicing! I am proud of you! 😉💗

  2. Fantastic interview, Colleen! Like you, I prefer my computer for writing. The words just flow, however, when I write longhand, I fumble.

  3. Colleen! I am SO happy for you! What a great interview! You rock!
    And the poem underneath your photo that you wrote is beautiful….
    Congratulations on being featured!

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