Interview – Colleen Chesebro

I know I am blowing my own horn here, but I am so excited to be part of the Felan-ezine. Please check out this site and all the marvelous work these poets, artists, and photographers did! Thanks. ❤


Now I present to you the lovely Colleen Chesebro.  Her work will be in fēlan’s first issue!



Please tell us a bit about yourself. 

Colleen M. Chesebro is a writer of poetry, cross-genre fiction, and imaginative nonfiction. Her first fantasy series is currently under production and called, “The Swamp Fairy.” The novel tells the story of Abby Forrester, a 14 year old orphaned girl who finds herself the protector to a community of fairies that live in the swamp near her Aunt’s home in Pensacola, Florida. Through Abby’s journey we learn about friendship, love, and what it truly means to be part of a loving family.  Colleen has included in each chapter a haiku poem especially crafted for special meaning. Colleen lives in the United States with her husband, Ron and her two Pomeranians, Sugar and Spice. You can learn more about Colleen and her creative poetry and stories on her website:

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36 thoughts on “Interview – Colleen Chesebro

    1. Erika, thanks so much. I found it hard to talk about myself. I had to write that a couple of times. I am just so excited to be part of the e-magazine. You should enter some of your poetry in the next edition. I think the theme is “fear.” ❤

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      1. Oh, Wow. Yes definitely an interesting theme! You did great!!! I know it is not funny (in the beginning…lol) to talk about yourself. But how else shall people know something about you 😀

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        1. I know. I realized if I was going to be a published author I had to talk about myself in a way that would make people want to know me and my work. At least, that is what I hope I did, LOL!

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    1. Thank you so much for the encouragement, Olga. I think you are right… a necessary evil. 😉


    1. Eloise, thank you kindly. You should submit some of your poetry to Felan. The next subject is fear. Check them out. 😉💗

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  1. ” I love writing with my computer and keyboard. The words flow from my fingertips in an almost stream of consciousness type of writing. I feel that I am more creative because I can type fast. I write much slower and that seems to impede my choice of words. ”

    You are like me lool. Let me summarise

    “Write with heart. Edit with pain.” 😛

    Well even I am not the native but I love English. :)) Right now I practice the cursive writing (embarrassed lol) but the reason is that I don’t want to lift my hand when i write … wanna write fast too. ; ))

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    1. Good for you, Jade. Cursive writing is a gift. I was always told educated people have beautiful penmanship. Old fashioned ideas, now. American children are printing, not cursive writing. Such a sad thing. You keep practicing! I am proud of you! 😉💗

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  2. Colleen! I am SO happy for you! What a great interview! You rock!
    And the poem underneath your photo that you wrote is beautiful….
    Congratulations on being featured!

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