16 thoughts on “Heart Has No Rules (Trimeric)

    1. Looks interesting and fun. When my life settles down, I’ll have a go at it too. ❤


        1. Ha, Ha! Terri, I can’t keep up with what I have. Once we move I have got to finish writing my book. It does look like a promising form of poetry to try though. 😀

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  1. Thanks again for the reblog. Great blog you have here–I love the message you send out that the “silver” years are full and rich with opportunities. I didn’t really start living until Mar 2011, at the age of 59–blogging really opens up the world for many who are limited by health and resources to get out and about, and poetry? What can I say–I can’t NOT write! By the way, your silver hair is gorgeous! Mine is coming in quite slowly, nicely blended, and like you–I’ve no desire to color or cover. God bless you today. PS–if my blog seems sparse, it’s about the 25th one I’ve begun….some women buy shoes, I just start new blogs 🙂

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    1. LOL! You are amazing! I agree about the blogging. I love it! Glad to meet you and follow. 💗


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