Introducing, Andrea Kaczmarek and “Pink Wish Ice Cream”

Welcome to P’kaboo Publishing Sunday where I like to introduce you all to an exciting new author, Andrea Kaczmarek and her new book called, “Pink Wish Ice Cream.”


My name is Andrea Kaczmarek and I retired from teaching a couple of years ago. I still teach at my old school, but just one day a week – a lot of fun and no pressure! I teach a combination of art and English.

Author, Andrea Kaczmarek

For years I juggled family, teaching and being a Town Councillor for the Green Party, sometimes a bit frustrating. Now, I have the time to enjoy my writing. Of course, I have been scribbling little stories for years, but now I have the time to do all the re-writing and polishing that is so important.

About three years ago I even had an agent, but he didn’t seem to have the contacts with the publishers that I had hoped for – so last year, I decided to go it alone as I seemed to not be getting anywhere!

P’Kaboo Books was one of the first publishers I contacted and Lyz Russo gave me the chance I certainly needed! She liked Pink Wish Ice Cream, and I think she also loved Eva Kuenzel’s pictures. Eva was a student of book illustration when she first read my stories – but now she is a book illustrator living in Berlin. I think we work well together and she has the talent to see the characters after I have told her all about them.

Pink Wish Ice Cream (available on Amazon in print and as an eBook) is hopefully the start of a series called the “Colour Witches” – dotty, potty friends who help each other out! Maybe it is now time to polish up those witches – my favourite one is the” Rainbow Witch,” completely scatty and batty!

My stories often have a simple message – Pink Wish could be called the “Please & Thank You” book, sorry, that’s the teacher in me. My inspirations also come from pretty simple things, too- like seeing an ice cream van near a park. Once the basic idea has formed then its long walks and tossing ideas around with my daughter Louise until I get it just right! My grandchildren are my test listeners…I pay them in Ice Cream!

My latest story is The Princess with No Smile….yet another very simple message – good old
fashioned skipping is just as much fun as it used to be. Who needs expensive toys? And about two years ago I wrote a story for boys – Hob Gob is a Slob – about a smelly, grubby, greedy goblin. I had put it away for a while, not sure if it was quite right for 7-9-year-olds, but now a publisher seems to be interested, but it is early days yet. The goblin story brings out the best in the boys who find him, mainly because they are fed up hiding a smelly uncooperative goblin in the garden shed.

I also wrote down all the funny things that happened at school when I was teaching as some were hilarious. I remember after every staff conference I always said, “Somebody ought to write that down, nobody would believe it.” So, that’s exactly what I did, but Skool Diary is a much longer project for early teens and keeps disappearing into the big drawer….who knows when I will finish it, don’t hold your breath. However, I am probably at my very happiest writing for younger readers.

So to all you Silver Threaders out there – live your dreams, or at least try to, things sometimes work out in the end, but the enjoyment you get from writing is certainly worth it.

– Andrea

Here’s how to find Andrea:


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Thanks for stopping by to meet Andrea! I will see you again.

17 thoughts on “Introducing, Andrea Kaczmarek and “Pink Wish Ice Cream”

  1. Thank you 🙂 <3. She is indeed a lovely author with an incredibly cute style. The story is a treat, and we're looking at the rest of her Colour Witches for publication too.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. It is a pleasure to meet Andrea through your blog. Her book Pink Wish Ice Cream sounds fabulous, I’ve added it to by books wish list on Amazon.


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