How I Wrote “Split Decision,” by Carmen Capuano

I would like to introduce you all to Carmen Capuano, an author I was introduced to by Lyz Russo of P’kaboo Publishing. Carmen has a new book out and I asked her to tell us a bit about her writing style and something about herself. Meet Carmen Capuano!


In some ways I don’t create a story the way other authors do; I just tell a tale. It’s a tale that is already there, formed somewhere in the back of my head, defined, shaped and moulded into sharp relief by the characters who reside within it. To all extents and purposes, it is their tale, their pain and suffering, their joy – all I am is the conveyor of their memories, their hopes and dreams to the world outside.

People who work within the arts have historically been considered a little ‘outside the norm’ and in fairness I do believe that most enjoy this perception, even revel in it a little, and I suppose I too court this view in my own way.

If I were to tell you my history, of my beginnings in Glasgow, Scotland, and my eventual move to London and then the Midlands of England, you would find nothing remarkable in it, little that would hint that one day I would be producing novels almost as prolifically as some people read them.

Writing is a driving force in my life now and I have written over thirteen books in the last three years – so many in quick succession that there is a publishing backlog to deal with. These stories are the results of the plaintive voices in my brain, which urge me to tell the world what happened, or indeed is still happening to them.

Am I mad? Maybe, but if so it is a madness which I choose to sustain. And my readers thank me for it. If you have gotten this far in reading about me, then I guess that you too are intrigued.

Natalie was a character who popped into my head whilst I was writing the first volume in The Owners Series. She was distraught, full of a tale which needed to be told and she beseeched me to tell it. I listened to her voice and I agreed with her but at the time I was busy with another story, other characters and therefore she had to wait.

Now her tale is told, her story printed in black on pristine white paper for all to see. It is a tale which will grip you and not relinquish its hold until you have turned that final page found out what really did happen…

Entitled, “Split Decision,” the story reveals what happens to Nat when she is asked out on a date by two very different guys. Using alternate chapters to layer the story as if each date, each guy was the one chosen, the book follows Natalie’s slide into the darker slide of life and also alternately to a tender first relationship.

It was compelling writing and is now enthralling reading. Indeed, the book is now being considered as a text to be used within the schoolroom. And Natalie? – Well, she is smiling about that.

Author, Carmen Capuano

Author Bio

Carmen Capuano was born in 1966, in Govan, Glasgow and is of Italian and Spanish descent. She left her native Scotland at the age of eighteen to seek her fortune in London. A full and varied career saw her tread the boards as a musical theatre performer, before undertaking such diverse jobs as a primary school teacher and veterinary assistant in Birmingham. She now lives in the small Worcestershire town of Bromsgrove. Interested in writing from an early age, it was only when she had her own children that she found her enthusiasm for story telling had not waned in any way and was still as alive and enticing as ever. “For me, writing is as essential to the soul as breathing is to the body.”

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Twitter: @carmencapuano

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Thanks for stopping by to meet Carmen. I will see you all again!



13 thoughts on “How I Wrote “Split Decision,” by Carmen Capuano

  1. That is a remarkable output – and credit must be taken for not allowing other characters/stories to jump the queue! The idea of following two alternative lines of progression is refreshing indeed, but must have taken some delicate handling. Eager readers are revealing, though, that the challenge was met with entire success.

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