A Love Lost

Howling winds and driving rains seethe

in the dark and hazy recesses of my mind.

Raindrops slowly streak the window pane

like tear drops shed in vain while

all the while waiting and wondering,

I sit writhing in torturous agony and pain.

Sorrow washes in dark tumultuous waves,

crashing against my broken battered heart.

Love’s sweet music now silent –

singing only mournful refrains.


2015 © Copyright-All rights reserved
Colleen Chesebro of www.silverthreading.com

Image credit: Google Images of Pensacola Beach

40 thoughts on “A Love Lost

    1. Thanks so much, Edwina. That makes me feel good. It is raining here today. (Finally) Suddenly the words came to me and I remembered this image of a storm over Pensacola Beach. I think I channel the emotions of the weather. ❤

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    1. Thank you, Jan. It was totally prompted by the weather and the dreariness of the day. I appreciate you reading it. ❤ 😀


  1. Beautiful poem, if a little sad. I think it shows a true professional when somebody can write poetry that has a link to what is going on outside weather-wise. Well done Colleen. I hope the rain brings a little freshness to your world.


    1. Hugh, thank you for you words! I am speechless. I was sitting at my keyboard yesterday and it was raining! Thunder rumbled and suddenly the words came to me. I could see the stormy seas in my mind. I thought about how the storm was like losing a love. It was a visual daydream I think. It was cooler yesterday. Only 86 degrees F. More storms on the way! ❤

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      1. You’re welcome Colleen. It’s fascinating to hear where people get the inspiration to write such wonderful poetry. Sadly, poetry is not a subject I delve into much. It still frightens me.

        Good to hear it’s cooled down a little for you.


        1. Thanks, Hugh. We are playing the waiting game on the sale of the house. I am struggling with being patient. 😀 ❤

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  2. You painted the picture well Colleen. whenever one’s heart is broken, the elements seem to connive to make matters worse and the brights dark with sad songs following.


    1. Thank you, Frances. Now, you know I channelled this from the weather yesterday. It just all came together. ❤

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      1. Hahahahahahahaa, but it does describe a broken heart and the works. You do have very good descriptive abilities I must say. I could actually see the turbulence you painted

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    1. Thanks, Michelle. It was something that flowed from the weather. I will work on my poetry more often. 😀

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