Marketing – What Works for Me, by Andrew Joyce

I would like to introduce everyone to Andrew Joyce who graciously accepted my invitation to appear as a guest blogger while I am vacationing.

My name is Andrew Joyce, and I write books. I have no day job; my books sell well enough to keep body and soul together. The same for my dog. I mean the royalties from my sales help keep his body and soul together also, not that he writes books. He only writes short stories, but hasn’t sold any as of yet.

Colleen has been kind enough to allow me a little space to vent and/or rant. Take your pick. I’m an old man, and if I didn’t live on a boat, I’d be the guy out there shaking my fist and yelling at the neighborhood youngsters to “Get off my lawn you damn kids!”

My rant today will be about what I dislike about writing and some assorted tangential matters. Now, don’t get me wrong, I like to write, and to a lesser extent, I don’t mind editing as much as I used to. As I see things in this new and scary age, there are three essential aspects to writing:

  1. The writing itself
  2. The editing
  3. The marketing

I’m going to bitch about the marketing.

I know you’ve all heard this before, but I’m gonna say it anyway. The prevailing wisdom is that you have to be on Twitter, on Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, and Instagram to name just a few. I know I’m showing my age, but WTF! (At least I know that acronym.)

If I’m posting on all those sites, then I’m not writing. How many times can I tweet that I’m a genius and that you should buy my books? And what else is there to tweet? Who cares what I had for breakfast. And I really don’t care what is “trending” and couldn’t care less about commenting on it. The same goes for the rest of those social media sites. I told you I was old!

I’ve given up on trying to sell books on social media. Instead, what I do is beg book bloggers for reviews. And believe me, it ain’t easy.

For my last book, I had to go through a list of 3,500 bloggers. After visiting each blog individually (3,500!!!) to read their review policies, I found 300 that would maybe give me a review. Thirty responded, and I got thirty reviews.

It only took two months of eight to ten hour days cutting and pasting my Review Requests into an email and sending them off. But it worked! Sales were good because of the exposure I received from those initial reviews, and the book—two years later—is averaging 4.5 stars out of 300 reviews (130 on Amazon).

In conclusion, all I’m saying is that the most difficult part of writing nowadays is the marketing. I can’t wait to sit down at the computer and bang out my next book. I already have half of it written in my head.

Now you crazy kids, get off my lawn, go out and buy my book, MOLLY LEE, and give me an honest review!

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Thank you,

Andrew Joyce

Here’s where else you can find him:

Andrew Joyce on Twitter

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Andrew Joyce Blog

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      1. That’s pretty clear!!

        The trick is that, despite the lists of bloggers from The Indie View (etc.) and also Amazon Top Reviewers who are willing, courageously so, to read and review our books and to support indie writers by posting reviews and adding their reviews to Amazon and Goodreads, the number of writers self-publishing is, annually, vastly out numbering – both in raw number and proportionately – the number of new bloggers willing to read and review books and post those reviews.

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  1. It is targeting the book to people who on the face of it are interested. One of the problems with social media is that even with tagging, etc, you’re promoting the book to people whose interests might be very different. And some of the more specific sites, like Goodreads, don’t always welcome what they see as interference from authors. I take note. Thanks Andrew and Colleen.

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  2. OMG, Andrew, what a total breath of fresh air! Brilliant! I have made a complete pig’s ear of promoting all five of my books (which, in itself, shows a kind of twisted genius – or total want of brains! – at work!) – and have become so frustrated that the nearest brick wall and my head are old and intimate chums!
    Begging bloggers for reviews sounds good to me!

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      1. Splendid! Being a Grumpy Old Hag, with the charm quotient of Victor Meldrew, myself, I feel totally at home with pissed-off old men! Mutter, mutter, whinge, whine, grump, grump, etc.

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  3. Andrew, I can relate! I’m an “old as diet” writer, and agree social media takes up too much writing time! Not published yet, but working on WIPs, and editing a screenwriter’s script right now. Already know the bulk of marketing is in the hands of the writer, even in traditional publishing. Nice that you can keep body and soul alive with your book sales (and dog’s too). I’ll check out your books! Christine

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  4. Andrew Joyce, I feel for you, and for all writers who have to be their own marketing expert. Writers want to write, not sell. Sounds like it’s a necessary evil, though. I’d be your salesperson if I were a person…alas, I am “just” a feline. But, I have read both your books and enjoyed them immensely. Redemption is a great concept (starting with Huck Finn and Tom Sawyers as young adults in the Civil War era and ending with them as 60 y.o. men who have been through quite the adventures, together and separately. Your next book, Molly Lee, develops a character we met briefly in Redemption. She is one sassy girl and savvy lady! She definitely warranted a book of her own. I wish you great success and hope to hear more from you.

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