“Edge of a Cliff,” by Anjana Pradeep

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She stood there, at the edge of a cliff.

Green was all she saw. Miles and miles of continuous canopy, like it was all just one big tree. For days she stood there, waiting for a sign. A sign from the universe to tell her it was a mistake.

“What if there is no after life?

What if there is no heaven?

Or even worse, what if there is a heaven!

Will he still love her after all that she put him through?

Maybe he found someone better in heaven… she chuckled at her own silly thought.

He would never do that to her.

On this day two years ago, she stood in front of a tall shelf filled with old books as her mind secretly missed the big libraries in the city. “Twelfth night, or what you will by Shakespeare” were the golden letters on brown leather that gave her butterflies in her stomach. The old man that owned this book, died recently and now his son had taken over. She went to the counter to pay for the book and there he was in all his glory. He smiled at her, his blue eyes as deep as the ocean. Little did she know that he would be the one to make her walls come down.

But now, robbed of all the joys in life. She stood there, at the edge of a cliff. Waiting for a sign. A sign to tell her this was a mistake.

“He must be waiting for me in heaven.” Her mind wandered again.

It was 2 am in the morning. She was throwing things at him, yelling at him for coming home late and drunk. “It was an office party and I just couldn’t refuse. I am sorry honey. I swear I tried to reach here as soon as I could” he mumbled. “Yes, 2 am is very early! Did you forget that all our friends were coming over? Did you even for a minute consider the embarrassment you were putting me through by not showing up at our anniversary dinner?!” she burst into tears. “This is not the first time! Why do you keep doing this to me? I can’t take this anymore. I think we need to go our separate ways “. “But honey,” he started. “For God’s sake just leave me alone!” she screamed overcome with anger and despair.

He took his keys and walked towards the door. “I am sure you’ll change your mind in the morning” he said.

He never came back.

She stood there at the edge of a cliff. Holding the paper that had the report of the accident. The autopsy showed he was drunk and hence everyone blamed him for his own death. Some people went to the extent of saying that people like him deserved to die. What do they know? If only she had listened to him. If only she had swallowed her pride for a second. He would have been here, holding her in his arms.

A cold wind brushed her grief-stricken face. She was scared to go, but there was no sign that said she was wrong. It’s the right thing to do. It’s the only thing to do. I can’t live without him. I know he is waiting for me”. She let the wind carry her down.

The bright light was almost blinding. It was impossible to see. She felt his presence next to her. She opened her eyes. He smiled at her, his blue eyes as deep as the ocean.

Find Anjana on her blog, The Mental Picture and on Twitter.


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