“Thunderclaps” – ROARS of Silence

I really thought a “Thunderclap” was a great idea to spread information on social media platforms!

I want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart, who assisted the three authors I sponsored Thunderclaps for: P. S. Bartlett, Alienora Taylor, and Lisa Tetting. In addition, I want to share the results of this experiment with social media, and then you can make up your mind about whether or not, this is something you want to undertake.

is the link to the Thunderclap website. Please feel free to check it out for yourself, as there are different plans that you can go with, if you choose. This is what it says on the website:

“Bringing the Thunder

Thunderclap messages have reached over
3.5 billion people in 238 countries and territories.

It’s the world’s first crowd speaking platform, and over
3 million people have donated their social reach for
ideas and causes that matter.”

Thunderclap is an organization similar to crowd funding, except there is no money involved for the basic package. The whole idea is for an author to spread the word of their book release by signing up for a Thunderclap. Thunderclap will share your book release information that you have written, throughout their members and reach thousands of people a normal author could never reach. That is the basic idea.

The author designates the number of people they want to support them, say 100 people. Then, the author has to get 100 people to agree to share the author’s message on the social media sites those people agree to share on. Choices are: Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr. Here is an example of a post that Lisa did on her blog, Rebirth of Lisa, to give you the idea.

On the day the author pre-selected, if all 100 people agreed, the author’s message is broadcast to the social media sites their friends agreed to. If the amount of people is not attained, the thunderclap does not happen.

Sadly, neither Ali Taylor’s, nor Lisa Tetting’s Thunderclap’s were able to get the 100 followers needed to launch their events. However, P. S. Bartlett’s Thunderclap did launch. I asked Peggy today, if the results of her Thunderclap were satisfactory. She reported that only four of her books sold from the event.

With that being said, here are my observations of using a Thunderclap for book launch announcements. I am not an authority on this subject. I am only sharing my experiences with these three authors. Make up your own minds about this type of social media event and if you think it will work for you.

Now, I still think it is a worthwhile way (FREE) to promote your book. The largest problem with most of us authors, is that our friends are authors too. They are all trying to market their book the same way that we are! I would say to do a Thunderclap, if you have at least 50 strong friends who you know will sign up that are not in competition with you to sell their book.

Start small. Only choose 50 people to get the message out to begin with. That is still more media coverage that you would have had to begin with. It is easier to beg ask 50 people for help, than it is to ask 100.

Do not think that this is going to sell you tons of books. Use a Thunderclap as a way to spread the word, or plant seeds in the minds of your followers about your book.

Be patient. There are many, many self-published authors on Amazon.

Get reviews on your books. I believe that is the number one way that you will sell your book. (I am not an authority on this subject. I am stating my opinion… ONLY).

Remember, not everyone writes a 5 star book. I know that is how Amazon sorts the reviews and such, but really? If every book has only 5 star reviews, what makes them stand apart from the other books in the genre that all have only 5 star reviews too? Be realistic about the reviews you give. Be honest.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to try new things… like a Thunderclap.

Thanks again for all your help. This has been a wonderful experience and I would do it again to help any aspiring author!




  1. I am sorry, not all of the three got enough clicks. But it is so lovely of you, Colleen, how you supported them actively! You are such wonderful soul. Thank you for all the insights and tipps regarding thunderclap. I would not know about it without you!

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    1. Oh thanks so much Erika. I do not think it was a total failure. It was a learning experience. Besides, everyone is trying to figure out ways to stand apart from the crowd. There are so many books on Amazon. ❤

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  2. Disappointing that more people won’t sign up to help out a fellow writer… but at the very least, promoting a Thunderclap camapaign is also publicity…


    1. I agree, but people must do what they think is right. I still think it was a positive event and if used with the right expectations, worth it! ❤


  3. Thank you Silver Threading, both for the feedback and the motion to support authors! It’s a pity it didn’t work for 2 of the 3, but lucky it did for the 3rd, and Peggy must remember that 4 sales to strangers are 4 more sales than stacks upon stacks of other authors have.

    There is another system a friend of mine is doing on Facebook that I’d like to mention, probably worthwhile too: http://www.iauthor.uk.com/.

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  4. A very balanced and thoughtful response to the Thunderclap Platform idea, Colleen. Nobody could have done more to make it work than you did – and I, for one, am most grateful to you for suggesting it in the first place. Okay, so my book didn’t launch – but I think it important to at least try new things.
    I think part of the reason for the ‘failure’ is this: People are very suspicious and sceptical about anything new – and many of my email contacts (whom I approached asking for support) failed to respond, I suspect because they thought there was some catch.
    I agree with your point about numbers: 100 was too high; 50 would have been far more realistic!
    I will confess now that the only copy of ‘The Lyre of Logres’ bought on line happened before the Thunderclap – but, having said that, there have been no sales on any of my books (online) since April 21st! Depressing, but true.
    It is very very hard to get out there as a writer – sheer volume of writers/books basically and the need to try and find some way of standing out without harming other aspiring writers in the process.
    Thank you for what you have done.

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  5. Colline, it is so nice of you to do this for your fellow writers. I know you posted another THUNDERCLAP yesterday, but unfortunately, I didn’t get through my posts or anything else computer-wise yesterday. When I tried to join this morning, it was already closed.

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  6. Thanks Colleen. Everything is worth trying. Although I must admit that things that might appear easy on paper sometimes when it comes down to reality don’t work that well. I try my best to do things and share other people’s work within the time I have left, but promoting one’s books is a full time job, and in most cases one we have no training for (and we might not even enjoy).
    I did support the three Thunderclap campaigns and I’m sorry two of them didn’t see the light of day. I believe all books deserve a chance but it’s very difficult to get noticed.
    Sometimes teaming up with other authors might help, but again, time is of the essence.
    And you’re absolutely right, we authors follow each other, but reaching readers outside of that circle seems to be much more difficult.

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    1. There are no solutions except to keep helping each other. I do believe in that. It is a tough business. I think children’s books are difficult because of the lack of reviews. 💖


  7. I think the results you discuss are pretty typical. In checking with Thunderclap authors in the past, they have reported the same results. Twitter is a problem in that we authors are all pitching to each other and it really doesn’t work.


    1. I agree, John. Most of the Twitter/Facebook pages just does not work. I see all these Facebook groups now and they are doing the same thing. Pitching their books to other authors. I don’t know how that helps to sell, or gets the word out about their books. I still think it has to be by word of mouth and reviews. Do you have any wisdom to share?

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      1. No great wisdom. Unless authors reach readers they are wasting their time. How to reach readers is the question. I have been no more successful than anyone one else on this subject. It’s tough.

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