Grammar – It Gets Your Attention

Have you ever started reading a book, but could not get through it, because there were so many grammar mistakes? I have too! Good grammar is paramount to your book selling and appealing to a wide audience. Of course, this applies to your blog posts, as well.

I actually have a book called, “The Little Brown Essential Handbook,” on my desk at all times. It covers basic grammar and punctuation, which is a must for every aspiring author. There are many online websites to help you with your grammar too. is one of the best resources for grammar assistance that I have found. They have a grammar checker that you can download for free. It is a favorite website of mine. In addition, they have available many high quality infographics to make your life easier too.

Another website I like to use is Grammar Girl. Here is a great clip about when to use single quotation marks.

Another great site I stumbled upon is called Daily Writing Tips. There is a section on creative writing tips that I go to just to remind myself that I am on the right path with my writing goals. It is filled with inspiration galore!

Common Errors in English Usage provides a listing of errors that you can visit to get the low down on the usage of the word/words. It is worth a view if you cannot remember how to use a certain word or phrase.

There is no reason for any writer to have grammar or spelling issues within their transcripts. I find it is easier to take your time, go slowly, and take advantage of some of the free online sources to check your work. The key is to not rush to publish your blog post, or your book, before it is ready to face the world.

Good luck and search the web to find sites that help you in your writing endeavor!

I am so glad you stopped in today! I will see you all again. Happy writing!

43 thoughts on “Grammar – It Gets Your Attention

    1. Erika, since English is your second language the site about the common English usage errors should really be helpful to you. I cannot even grasp all the meanings in English and if it was my second language I don’t know that I would be able to understand all the crazy rules that English has. You do so well in your writing! ❤

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      1. If you think English has crazy rule… then never try to learn German… lol Acutally nonnativ speaker even have an advantage in some ways since they learn the language by rules. But native speaker more kind of “feel” the language. Some rules are just a reflex for me. But there are again situations when I am not sure if it goes this or that way… I thank you so much, Colleen, that you judge my writing as good enough. I know that I am making typos although I knew how to spell the word. Sometimes I am so excited that I even forget to write a word. Oh well… 😉 If you see that I repeat certain errors I would be so thankful if you let me know! 😀


        1. I tried to take German classes in high school. I could not learn the language. I took Spanish instead. I did well with Spanish, just masculine and feminine. Unlike German that has that neuter involved with the words! ARRRGHHH! You do just fine Erika. I use spellchecker myself – all the time. I have many friends that speak another language and we all get along fine. I think English is a hard language. Too many rules. 😀 ❤

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  1. These are some great resources Colleen. I subscribe to Daily Writing Tips newsletter. It’s always a good idea to review grammar rules — one can get rusty in no time.

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  2. Thanks Colleen. I used to be subscribed to Daily Writing Tips but then they started not sharing the whole articles and I don’t seem to receive them at all now. I wonder if they go to spam. I’ll have to check. And thanks for the new ones! When I have doubts I usually check as I go along but not always using the same sites. Looking forward to your post about the break. 🙂

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  3. These are fine tips for writers Colleen, I’m always making typo errors which I only tend to notice right after I’ve posted! I put them right but it’s too late for those that follow by email. 😦
    As you say patience is key! Thank you for sharing ❤

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  4. Thanks for the share, Colleen. This is great advise which I have saved. I’ve also downloaded the checking tool.

    I usually check posts five, six times, and usually end up having to change something once I’ve published it! Usually it’s something so obvious after I read it again when it’s been published.

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  5. Excellent! Yes, I’m a grammar queen and I can NOT read a book that has grammatical errors. In this day and age, there’s no excuse for it (well, plenty of people excuse it, but they shouldn’t). Thanks for the great links.


  6. We can use every tip for our grammar…and English in general…so this is more than welcome, Colleen 😀 Granny knows the feeling when she reads a Dutch book, with grammer mistakes. It can be quite annoying 😀 Pawkisses 🙂 ❤


  7. I’ve used Grammar Girl and when I’ve been flummoxed. Luckily I had a dragon lady of an English teacher in high school; she drummed grammar into us with a heavy hand!

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